Finland back on the ice this weekend


The novice team Icebreakers won the competition on Sunday with a program dedicated to Michael Jackson. (Credits: Icebreakers - 2020)

A new weekend of competitions has just ended in Finland. Interclub level teams competed on Saturday and Sunday in Jyväskylä.

Did you know that Finland has a lot of non-ISU teams? Among the juniors, 21 teams competed this weekend!

Moonlights won the event on Saturday with their new free program "Utopia". Dressed in elegant dresses in orange color and gradient purple, the team got 52,62 in total. Team Electric won the silver medal with the program "Ragnarök - The last one standing" (50,66 points) and team Altius from Porvoo finished third with 49,25 points. With one team withdrawn, eleven junior teams skated on Saturday.

Team Hysterique is the winner of the Sunday junior event. With its new program "Death or Paradise?", the team from Helsinki clinched the victory with a huge score of 54,05.

RiverPearls from Seinäjoki placed second (46,72) with their shiny dresses purple and white. "We enjoyed every moment together", wrote the team after the competition. Crystal Illusions finished just behind and got the bronze medal earning 46,40 points. Ten teams took part in the competition on Sunday.

Let's have a look now at the Seniors non-ISU.

On Saturday, five teams presented their programs. The victory went to Ex-Steps, who received 58,68 points. The team executed an excellent level-2 intersection. On Sunday, Valley Bay Synchrostars won the competition with 62,85 points (seven teams skated in the event).

In the Masters division, Reunions from Espoo did the best score in the first group on Saturday (49,30 points). On Sunday, Valley Bay Synchrohearts skated its new free program ”Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”, a story inspired by the incredible life of dancer Lola Montez. The team got 49,83 points and won the competition.

In the novice competition, Cool Steps claimed the gold medal (69,16 points), Islet Seastars (61,76) picked up the silver medal and Chicas del Amor (61,67) ranked third in the free program.

On Sunday, ten novice teams competed. Icebreakers delivered a solid performance to Michael Jackson and got 63,34 points. Golden Illusions arrived in the second position (62,67) and Cometes Borealis stood in third place (60,68) with their program "Under the sea". 

In the Adults category, the team Shadows scored 66,58 and finished first in the Saturday competition. Aura Aboensis claimed the gold medal on Sunday (65,75). A total of fifteen adult teams competed this weekend.

During two days, 74 teams and a few beginners competed in six different divisions. Find out here all scores!

The second qualifications for the Interclub teams will take place at the beginning of February in Espoo.

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