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Another city chosen for the Junior Worlds 2021


This would be the first time that France has organized such an event. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

France announces that it will organize the Synchronized Skating Junior World Championships in 2021. The French ice sports federation confirmed on Saturday that the event would be held in Lyon from March 12 to 13, 2021.

The date and location were still uncertain after the event was cancelled in the French city of Angers this summer.

Fans can therefore be reassured: the French Federation of Ice Sports (FFSG) announced on Saturday that the 2021 World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships will be held in Lyon on March 12 and 13, 2021.

"We hope that, by then, the sanitary conditions will be met to be able to organize this event in the best possible way. The FFSG is already working on it," said the federation.

However, this news is good, while the whole of Europe has experienced a significant upsurge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks (several countries have also imposed new restrictions, or even closed the rinks preventing synchro teams from training).

We will have to wait a little longer and respect the measures to improve and thus allow synchro events to be held in complete safety.