2020-21: These synchro programs that you don't know yet


Blue Arrows and many other teams are ready to kick off a new season. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2019)

North wind, goddesses, magical creatures, or even immersion in a strange reality... The Seniors and Juniors teams from Finland will compete this weekend in Tampere at the first national qualifiers of the season. Before seeing them on the ice, discover the themes of their new programs this season!

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Team Unique
Short program: Now
Free program: Garden of Eden

Marigold IceUnity
Short program: Nordic spirit
Free program: Storm

Helsinki Rockettes
Short program: Loneliness 
Free program: The Muse

Short program: Bloodstream
Free program: The Resistance

This weekend, the senior teams will present their new programs to international fans for the first time. If Team Unique seems to be preparing a very dynamic short program and long program calmer and more philosophical... Marigold IceUnity seems to prepare the contrary with a "windy" free program called "Storm".

The Helsinki Rockettes also worked on two very different themes. "Loneliness" can maybe emotionally affect fans and could be a very actual topic in these times of Covid, remembering to some of us the weeks of lockdown.

Despite the announcement of their new themes, the team Lumineers has announced that they will not compete in the first Finnish qualifications this weekend. A case of coronavirus has indeed been detected within the team, thus putting all teammates in quarantine. We will, therefore, have to wait a little longer to discover their programs.

Team Fintastic
Short program: La Cage Aux Folles
Free program: ?

Team Mystique 
Short program: Rythm Inside
Free program: Nefertiti

Valley Bay Synchro
Short program: Virtual Reality 
Free program: Loneliness

Short program: Beetlejuice
Free program: Magic Carpet

Short program: Wild jungle
Free program: Statues or humans

Ice Steps
Short program: Hela - Goddess of Death
Free program: Witch-hunt 

Sun City Swing 
Short program: Magicae
Free program: Masquerade

Short program: Moon River
Free program: The Goddess Of Magic

Ice Infinity
Short program: Utopia
Free program: Dystopia

Team Estreija 
Short program: Faded 
Free program: Do you want to be a millionaire?

Stella Polaris  
Short program: North wind
Free program: What if?

Dream Edges 
Short program: Rubik’s cube
Free program: The Symbol of Peace

Festa Aboensis  
Short program: Influencers
Free program: Teleportation

Among the juniors, 13 teams will be engaged this weekend with new programs dealing with different themes relating to the imagination, dreams, magic, and goddesses... rather dark themes chosen for this 2020-21 season.

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Advanced Novices
This time again, the Advanced Novices teams will be divided into two groups of nine and ten teams, respectively. While some teams have already announced their themes on social networks, others still leave room for surprise.

In group 1, team Silver Stars has announced this week that they will not compete due to the Covid situation.

Organized in Tampere with all sanitary measures, the competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday , the competition will start at 3 p.m. local time in Finland with the first group of Novices Advanced. From 4:55 p.m., the Juniors will present their short program, then the Senior teams will start at 7:35 p.m.

Sunday , the event will also start at 3 p.m. with the Novices Advanced (group 2). Junior free programs are scheduled from 5:03 p.m. and Seniors from 7:55 p.m.

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Results - TOP 3

Finnish first qualifications 2020
Tampere (FIN)
NOV 07, 2020 - NOV 08, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)86.20
2Starlights (FIN)80.70
3Diamond Edges (FIN)74.81

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)216.08
2Team Unique (FIN)207.71
3Marigold IceUnity (FIN)193.06

TEAM Score
1Dream Edges (FIN)184.08
2Team Fintastic (FIN)181.28
3Team Mystique (FIN)167.38

TEAM Score
1Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)85.06
2Team Dynamique (FIN)83.38
3CrystalBlades (FIN)70.68