"The skating culture needs to change"


The Senior team Magenta would like to open up the discussion of unhealthy eating as they feel it's an important topic.

The Senior team Magenta based in Great Britain is organizing a talk with the former figure American skater Gia Kokotakis about eating problems that may affect skaters.

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Who is Gia Kokotakis?
Two-time national bronze medalist, author, student... Gia Kokotakis is a retired Team USA figure skater who recently posted raising awareness of the change that needs to be made to the skating culture and the affects it can have on skaters mental heath and wellbeing. 

"Growing up in an aesthetic sport, I faced constant pressure to maintain a low weight and a thin shape that led to an eating disorder. Now two years recovered, I am sharing my story in the hopes that I can cause change in my sport and help anyone struggling with what I went through", Gia Kokotakis said.

A Zoom Session on Tuesday
"We think it is an important topic to discuss and bring to the forefront," explains Katrina Cotterrall, head coach of the Senior team Magenta (GBR). "The skating culture needs to change. On a personal level, and I feel as a coach we need to address these issues to progress and learn from them", she adds.

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Gia Kokotakis has been chosen by the team thanks to her bravery to post her experience on social media. Like the team Magenta, several British teams are still unable to train on the ice due to the coronavirus. This conversation is an opportunity to "remain positive during these current times," says Katrina Cotterrall.

The Zoom Session with Gia Kokotakis will be held on Tuesday 1st September 19:00 (UK time). The session is open to all skaters and coaches and aims to help skaters who may be experiencing issues of their own.

To join the session, contact team Magenta on Facebook or email for the access link.