The use of music as a mental preparation tool


According to a study, listening to music makes it easier to manage the thoughts during a competition. (Credits: Pixabay)

Listening to music before a competition, many synchro skaters have already experienced it. Music has multiple effects: concentration, motivation, or even focusing on one task. Several researchers are also interested in music to improve the performance of athletes. What about you?

Airpods in the ears... This is not just a question of style. Many synchro athletes use music in competition for specific needs.

According to a Canadian study conducted at McGill University, music may significantly reduce the feeling of stress. "Listening to music and the stress system could activate similar areas in the brain," explains the sport newspaper L'Equipe. Music would prevent and reduce athletes' anxiety.

Another study carried out by a researcher from the University of Montreal looked at music as a tool for mental preparation amongst Olympic athletes.

The study identifies the functions of music in a sporting context, while also exploring the messages conveyed by the lyrics. Research demonstrates that athletes use music as a mental preparation tool for two main reasons in competition: to trigger or regulate psychological processes such as processes, such as focus, visualization, and emotions, which are beneficial to their athletic performances.

In an interview for Radio-Canada, the author of the study indicated that music can help the athlete "to block distractions, in particular by allowing him to ignore the noises of the crowd, to better stay in the present moment. and concentrate on its performance".

If the positive aspects of music for athletes are often praised (concentration, confidence, relaxing or exciting effect, aid in visualization or team cohesion, put aside the pain, etc.), however, the Quebec study cautions: music and lyrics, if not used properly, can have a negative effect on these psychological processes and thus impair performance.

What about you, do you have a favorite piece of music that you listen to at each competition before entering the ice? Your opinion interests us! Leave a comment on Jura Synchro's social networks!