She wants to design a specific tool for synchro skaters


Amanda Melne is skating with Team Amber in Riga, Latvia. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2019)

Synchro skater and student at a Technical University, Amanda Melne is collecting data on problems experienced by synchro skaters during their off-ice training. As a result of her academic work, a new innovative tool for skaters could be marketed.

Studying product design, Amanda Melne, 22 years old, wanted to connect her studies with her passion... synchronized skating.

"I would love to create something useful for skaters and that would help others to get better and stronger," explains this skater who is currently defining the contours of her future bachelor's topic.

Identify the needs
"Skating is very important to me. Through these years I noticed, that there is missing something, that would improve our skating off-ice strengths and that was also the main problem while COVID-19 with the lack of ice practices. If the product will be as good as I have imagined and it will provide skating improvements, then I would love to commercialize it," continues Amanda.

This is why she did an online survey (available in Latvian and English). Composed of about ten questions, it allows the skaters from all around the world to identify their needs. "My goal would be to collect about 80 answers," she adds.

Amanda is from Tukums, Latvia. She's passionate about synchro since 2014.

After receiving the first surveys, Amanda analyzed that synchro skaters' needs are mostly to not be able to perform the same exercises off-ice than on ice. Skaters also ask for a tool that would improve more skating skills, and want to have a tool for "balance training", says the student.

To participate in Amanda's survey, click here

Note also that in Latvia, the virus is slowly calming down. "We are able to visit our neighboring countries, and the most important since the 14th of May is that we are allowed to skate again, but of course we have strict rules when we are on ice", concludes this skater from Team Amber.