Twenty skaters ready for a new synchro season


Team Seaside at the end of their free program “Bird Box”. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2020)

Today let's travel to Tjörn, a small island located north of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where Team Seaside, 8th at the last World Junior Championships, is practicing. For the 2020-2021 season, the 20 skaters are already training hard!

As its name suggests, the Team Seaside is living near the sea on the west coast of Sweden. "Almost everyone in the team took their first steps on the ice in our club and have always been skating there. I think that makes our team unique," says Johanna Sandberg, 17 years old, who is starting this summer her third year with Team Seaside.

Even their coach Therese Arvidsson, 34 years old, is working there for a long time. "I have been the head coach of Team Seaside since 2010," explains this young coach who lives in the Tjörn island with her husband and her two girls. She herself has been skating with Team  Seaside Senior from 2001 to 2005.

Therese Arvidsson, coach of Team Seaside (SWE)

"I like to skate with Team Seaside because we have a lot of fun together and many new challenges," Johanna continues.

During the COVID period, the skaters have been able to continue to practice together. "We have been training together with the team but by keeping the with social distances and no symptoms of cold were accepted on our training," the coach said.

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This summer, the skaters are mostly doing physical training together and by themselves. "And of course, we are stretching a lot," adds Johanna. During the season, except the ice training (about four times a week), this Junior team do ballet, choreography, physical training and mental preparation.

Johanna has been training off-ice with her team.

For the upcoming season, Team Seaside will have 20 skaters, aged from 14 to 18. Five new athletes have joined the team this Spring. The team's goals are to represent Sweden in Junior Worlds 202, to finish in the international top 10 and to win the Nationals.

 "Team Seaside is a great team composed of girls who have big goals for this season. They have a great focus and they train very hard," continues Therese. Team Seaside has already started to work on their short program.

The coach Therese Arvidsson is happy to see the development of synchronized skating in Sweden with the creation of a new senior team in Landvetter called Team Inspire.

"We have one skater from last year who now skates with that team. That is great for Swedish synchro to have that again. And we have currently four junior teams. It is not so a lot but I hope we can grow as a sport in Sweden and develop our teams to be even better," she said.