Technical requirements for the upcoming season


Team Harmony Novice - SWE. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2020)

Online training and development, an updated scale of values and an invitation to ISU members... The International Skating Union (ISU) has released several updates and communications in the last few days about synchronized skating.

Technical updates
The ISU presented a new technical feature relating to the technical requirements for the next season. The module is called "eLearning" and has been developed by the ISU synchronized skating technical committee. This describes new Feature requirements for the upcoming season.

This new module includes different sections covering what’s new in synchro elements, features and additional features, explains the ISU. "The information will assist teams and coaches as they plan element content for the Well Balanced Program."

All categories will have the same Well Balance Program (WBP) next season

The ISU also added that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ISU Communication 2236 regarding Well Balanced Programs as well as ISU Communication 2238 regarding the Novice category (entries, deductions, technical requirements, etc) will remain valid for the 2020/21 season. All categories will keep their WBP for the 2020/21 season for both the Short Program and Free Skating.

Get your calculator!
The International Skating Union also released the synchronized skating Scale of Values for the season 2020/21. In this new update, you'll find all abbreviations of elements, additional features and of course the scale of values that will inform you about each synchro element. This communication replaces ISU Communication 2259.

Do you know, for example, what "SySp" means? Or "pi"? This summer break or the coronavirus lockdown could be a great opportunity to learn all about the technical elements of synchronized skating. 

Frost Fairies - ITA. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Applications welcomed until August 31, 2020
Finally, the ISU invites all ISU Members to submit applications to host ISU championships in all disciplines for the season 2022/23. 

In their new Communication 2319, the ISU gives all information and already fixed the dates of the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships (March 10-11, 2023) and of the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (April 7-8, 2023).

Any ideas or suggestions for the federations on where you would like to see these Worlds Championships? Leave a comment on the social networks of Jura Synchro! 

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