Synchro Promotion

"We have developed products specifically for synchronized skating"


Jackson Ultima is a global leader in figure skate boots, blades and complete skates. Its expertise and passion for this sport enhance the performance of the world’s leading skaters. Jackson Ultima recognizes the rapid growth and popularity of synchronized skating and has developed products specifically for this discipline.

In the beginning, there was Don Jackson. The 1962 World Figure Skating Champion has devoted his life to figure skating as a World Class Skater, Show Skater, a highly regarded coach and a global ambassador to the sport.

Inspired by his love for the sport and his key interest in product design, Don developed the first Jackson Figure Skate in 1966. Now, Tournament Sports is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with subsidiaries based in Dupont, Washington in the US, Tilburg in the Netherlands and Dongguan, China.

Don Jackson’s dedication to figure skating has been recognized by his induction in both the USFSA and Skate Canada.

Does synchronized skating represent a large part of your business?

It is a fast growing segment of our business, largely due to the fact we equip all disciplines from beginners to World and Olympic champions. We recognize the rapid growth and popularity of synchronized skating and have developed products specifically for this.

What types of boots and blades do you recommend for synchro skaters?

Our recommendations are: Synchro blades for the top competitors and Finesse blades for the intermediate level. Low-cut/ Dance boots for both levels. These are specifically designed for synchro skating with the intricate moves in mind.However, depending on the skater or coach some like traditional boots and blades. We have everything you require for your individual needs, aside from our recommendation.

Which synchronized skating teams have you ever worked for? 

We work with most synchro teams around the world; Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Russia etc. There are several teams in each country.


Scanning Technology
What makes Jackson Ultima unique in skating and boots design? 

We are a company where tradition meets technology and are always pushing the envelope. We are the first to have a real heat-moldable figure skate. Jackson designs with performance in mind for the competitive skater and comfort for the recreational skater. Being too comfortable from the start is great for recreational skating, but not so for performance. It causes slipping, rubbing, blisters and bunions a short while later.

Jackson designs with a better shape to your feet, snug heel and wider toes with easy wrap for security, comfort and performance. We also make custom skates with many variables for individual needs and also utilize 3D scanning technology, again the first in figure skating.

(Credits: Jackson Ultima - 2020)

"All levels of the sport"
We are most proud of our commitment to all levels of the sport. Our expertise and passion are embodied in our commitment to technology that enhances the performance of the world’s leading skaters. We also offer a complete range of recreational figure and leisure skates to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of all skaters. We design and build skates by consulting with skaters, coaches and skate technicians/skate, specialty retailers. By accessing advanced materials and innovative design features our mission is to constantly evolve and enhance the performance of our equipment.

As a worldwide company, have a look at the Jackson Ultima official website to get more information about the products.