"It’s great to have the comeback as a Challenger Series!"


The international synchronized skating competition Mozart Cup, which takes place in Salzburg in Austria, will be one of the stages of the Challenger Series for the 2020-2021 season.

Mozart Cup applied in February 2020 to become a Challenger Series' stage. The event will take place on January 21-23, 2021 and will be the 5th Challenger Series' competition of the season.

The event will take place in the same arena as in the previous years, the Eisarena Salzburg. The seating capacity is 3,600 seats.

Interview with Theresa Katzlinger, from the Mozart Cup 2021 Organizing Committee.

Mozart Cup 2021 will be a stage of the Challenger Series next season. How do you feel about this nomination?

Theresa Katzlinger: "We are very happy to have been selected and hope we will be able to provide perfect circumstances for the Teams to show their best."

After a “break” last season, that will be your “comeback”!

We were very sad, that we haven’t been able to have Mozart Cup 2020, as it would have been the 10th anniversary of the competition, but most of the MozartCup-Team were working at Europeans and with the Hockey-Play off- rounds it wasn’t possible to find a later date in the season. It’s great to have the comeback as a Challenger Series!

In Mozart Cup's previous editions, Jura Synchro was in the venue and filmed the teams' programs, here in full training. (Credits: Jura Synchro - 2019)

What’s the actual situation due to the coronavirus in Austria?

We have quite strict restrictions until after Easter. There are still regions in Austria that are fully under quarantine, some opened up a little bit just this week. From April 14th the little shops will be allowed to reopen again, but only a restricted number of costumers will be allowed to enter. Schools are still closed, events definitely stay cancelled until the end of June – we don’t know yet, for how long this will last.

Are you worried about the organization of the event in January?

All rinks are closed in Austria. We really can’t say at the moment how the situation will be next season. So we will take it week by week. The rink and the official hotels are reserved, everything else can be organized at a later time. We will proceed with organizing as we always had and will manage to find solutions if we need it. One step at a time.

The Challenger Series competition is only for the ISU teams. Will you have next season a Non-ISU event for the other teams?

Yes, we will also have AmadéCup for Non-ISU-Teams following the ISU-Events on Sunday.

Thank you, Theresa for those precisions!

Stay safe and see you soon!