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Challenger Series 2020-21: Discover the chosen cities!


Finland will host for the first time a stage of the Challenger Series next season. (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2019)

The International Skating Union (ISU) announced the hosts for the Challenger Series in Synchronized Skating for the season 2020/21.

"The ISU Council has carefully analysed every application to host a Challenger Series event for the 2020/21 season and is proud to announce that the following venues were selected," wrote the ISU in a communication published on Wednesday.

Introduced last season, the Challenger Series for Synchronized Skating is the new opportunity for synchro teams to compete at an international level and earn World Standing Points.

Each year, five international competitions are chosen to become "stages" of the Challenger Series: 3 are held each season in Europe, 1 in North America and 1 in Asia. Last season, only four competitions have been organized due to the situation in Hong Kong.

5 stages, 3 continents

Location and dates: 

Stage 1. Hong Kong (HKG) - November 27-28 or December 4-5, 2020

Stage 2. Irvine (USA) - December 10-13, 2020  

Stage 3. Gdansk (POL) - December 17-19, 2020

Stage 4. Turku (FIN) - January 14-17, 2021

Stage 5. Salzburg (AUT) - January 21-23, 2021 

What do you think of the competitions chosen?

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