The 5 Best YouTube Channels to Practice Yoga at Home


There’s never been a better time to start yoga. So take a deep breath and improve your flexibility, it will help you to stay fit and improve your moves on the ice. Here are 5 YouTube channels that offer great yoga opportunities.

"I have been integrating yoga into my daily morning routine since I no longer have school and I have to say that if I start the day actively with yoga, it will have a positive effect on my mindset."

Like this synchro skater from Germany, try yoga with this selection of the best channels to follow!

1. Yoga With Adriene
Yoga With Adriene (in English) is one of the most popular yoga YouTubers. Why? Because Adriene has every type of workout you could imagine. You'll find for example "Yoga for beginners", "Yoga for text neck", and even a playlist of “Yoga for Uncertain Times” includes routines created specifically for loneliness and anxiety. 

The advantage of this channel is also that it offers videos of different lengths ranging from 10 minutes to a full circuit of more than 45 minutes... ideal when you are in confinement in your room.

2. Sarah Beth Yoga
With over 759 K subscribers, Sarah Beth YouTube Channel (also in English) proposes all yoga abilities and needs, offering a variety of videos for morning yoga, seated yoga, and yoga for sore muscles, etc.
This also includes plenty of calming videos to look after your mind as well as your body. Do you need to relax? This channel could be for you!

3. Boho Beautiful
This channel is a great resource for those stressed out due to self-isolation, confinement and the Covid-19 outbreak situation.

The founders are Juliana and Mark. They have quickly put together a series of videos to help support their 1.3 million followers. They propose tips about meditation, and they developed a project called "Blissful Yoga Flow for Unsettling Times" to help calm the mind. Boho Beautiful will also make you travel... many videos are filmed in sumptuous landscapes.

4. Yoga With Tim
If you prefer a good looking man as an instructor, you are at the right address! Each week, Tim posts a new vinyasa routine that leans on the physically challenging side, so you’ll definitely be into his classes if you’re looking to focus on a more physical type of yoga. 

Tim also created a 30-day challenge, if you’re feeling ambitious about kickstarting your at-home yoga practice. 

5. Laia Bove Yoga
Less known, but also really interesting... This channel has the particularity of offering specialized yoga videos for ice skaters. A playlist has also been created for this special purpose and will allow you to improve your postures on ice and your flexibility.

So do those channels inspire you to try the yoga experience at home?

For non-English speakers, readers of Jura Synchro also recommended Mady Morrisson (in German) and Julie Akasha Yoga (in French).

Have fun!

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