In Italy, synchro teams no longer skate due to the Covid-19


Hot Shivers Senior can't skate anymore because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Italy has tightened its nationwide lockdown in response to the rising of the coronavirus. For many days now, synchronized skating teams can't practice anymore. All the ice rinks are closed.

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Competitions cancelled, ice rinks closed... Synchronized skating teams from Italy stopped their practice. "We still don't know when we will be able to practice again," said a skater from Team Ice on Fire. Many teams in Italy explained that they had to stop their season prematurely.

How the skaters stay fit?

"We started doing something our own but now our off-ice coach said she's preparing a training schedule to do at home," said a skater from Shining Blades Senior. "In Italy now, schools, sports centers, restaurants, museums except supermarkets and prime necessity shops are closed. We have to stay at home and are allowed to go out only for work necessity (whom who still go to work) or sanitary emergency," continued the Italian skater. 

"My skaters have a program by our great fitness coach which, in case of emergency, can be followed at home as well," explained Andrea Gilardi, coach of the Hot Shivers teams. His Junior team who was supposed to represent Italy this weekend at Junior Worlds in Nottingham is blocked at home.

Hot Shivers won't be in Lake Placid
The situation is the same for the teams who were expected to compete at Worlds in a few weeks. "We won't be able to take part in the World Championships in Lake Placid. Our federation decided that no team from Italy will be sent to the event," explained Andrea Gilardi.

The coach of the Hot Shivers Senior, 9th at the last World Championships, said to Jura Synchro that he understands the decision. "We are facing this now and hopefully we will restart soon," he concluded.