Russian teams take gold in day 2 and 3 at Steel City Trophy


Crystal Ice Junior, here in their Schindler’s List free program, won the competition. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Sunday and Monday saw the culmination of the ISU event and also the club international competition. Throughout the weekend, there was a great atmosphere in the stadium, with teams and spectators alike being dazzled by some superb skating in the ISU categories. Monday also saw some brand new teams step onto the ice and some healthy rivalry from the more established teams!

ADV picture
Senior ISU
Sunday saw the end of the ISU events with the senior teams battling for podium spots in their free programmes.

Earning 137.01 points, Crystal Ice Senior from Moscow, Russia were the clear winners, skating to Bolero. With snake charmer costumes and stunning choreography which included half the team sitting on the ice, pretending to be dancing snakes, this team put on a performance which was the talking point of the audience for the rest of the competition. Their step sequence in their No Hold element was particularly impressive, when it culminated in identical illusions from all sixteen members of the team. They scored 207.89 points in total.

Crystal Ice Senior - Free program. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

In second place, scoring 92.33 points was Team Illumination from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Skating to Katy Perry, they had a soft, delicate style to their programme which was beautiful to watch. They achieved a level 4 in their Group Lift and their No Hold Elements but really performed their programme and created an image in the audience’s mind. They scored 135.67 points in total.¨

In third place, up from 5th place in the short, was Team Phoenix from Liedekerke, Belgium who scored 83.58 points in their free skate. Skating to Pirate of the Caribbean, they delivered a swashbuckling programme filled with motives and references to the movies. It was a fun filled programme which also gained a level 4 in the group lift. They scored 117.97 points in total.

Junior ISU
The junior category was a much anticipated category on the Sunday and many teams turned up just to watch the practises - before the competition started. The main reason for this was because of Crystal Ice Junior who ended up having to pose for multiple selfies throughout the weekend from members of awe inspired teams.

In first place gaining 134.24 points was Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow, Russia. They skated to India and gained the highest available levels on every element except their intersection. The moment the crowd was waiting for was their synchronised spin element and you could hear the audience muttering ‘wow’ throughout.

Second place, climbing up from the previous day was Icicles Junior who scored 72.75 points in their circus inspired number. This team came out fighting, possibly in reaction to the mistakes from the day before, and sold their routine with great pizzazz. They looked confident as they earned two elements at level 4. Their combined score was 99.52 points.

In 3rd place with 66.46 points was Iceskateers Elite from Queensland, Australia who skated a Cher inspired programme. Complete with long black hair pieces, they gained two level 4 elements and earned 94.28 points in total.
Advanced Novice ISU
Advanced Novice showed off the quality of skating of some of the younger teams with a fantastic display of synchronicity and great performance quality.

Ice Fantasy from Moscow, Russia were the clear winners, scoring 82.33 points. They skated to Moana in a really strong programme with some of the fastest twizzles in the competition.

In second place was Team Harmony from Kungälv, Sweden who scored 49.98 points. They wanted to convey a message in their programme about conservation in the oceans and their costumes reflected this with a trident motif on their backs.

Close behind in third place was Ladybirds from Milan, Italy who scored 45.98 points dressed in striking pink costumes. They skated a clean programme with a highlight being their travelling circle at the start of their programme.

Senior B
Aura from Lee Valley, GBR were the only team in this category and skated a personal best to their moody programme scoring 50.85 points. They displayed 4 strong lifts to start their programme and continued to skate with power and attack throughout the routine.

Junior B
There was a fight in this category for the top spot with three evenly matched teams.

Whizz Kids from Altrincham, GBR took first place, earning 56.67 points with their Greatest Showman routine. Dressed in red circus master costumes, they attacked the ice with plenty of speed and flow but also used the music well to emphasise their theme.

In 2nd place was Unum from Sheffield, GBR who scored 51.59 points. Skating to Dance Macabre, they performed a mature programme and reflected the music well throughout their programme. They also gained a level 4 in their synchronised spins.

In 3rd place with 48.99 points was Ladybirds from Milan, Italy. Skating to Burlesque, they were dressed in blue costumes with a big skirt which reflected their music well. They skated with attack and had good speed across the ice.

The largest category in the competition was the Adult category where 15 teams fought for a podium place from 3 different nations. For most teams, this was the last competition of the season and there was plenty of friendly rivalry as the teams performed their programmes for the last time.

In first place, scoring 30.45 points was Lady Moz from Normandy, France. Dressed in red costumes, they skated to an Italian theme with speed and flow across the ice, highlighting their strong basic skating.

Second place went to Orion from Lee Valley, GBR who smashed their personal best score, earning 27.41 points. Skating to a Prince medley, every member of the team was performing their hearts out and it was a fun-filled routine.

In 3rd place was Bladerunners from Altrincham, GBR who skated their Bond themed programme, scoring 26.31 points. They left everything out on the ice and gave their captain a lovely send off at the end by sending him hearts rather than guns when they surrounded him after his hydroglide.
The Intermediate category started the day off on the Monday with 8 teams competing. 

Deelites from Deeside, GBR were the clear winners, skating to their Chicago inspired routine. They displaced good basic skating and had speed and flow across the ice, matched with their strong interpretation of the music. They scored 31.37 points.

In second place with 27.45 points was Altair from Altrincham, GBR. Dressed in black and yellow catsuits, they executed some higher level elements very cleanly and scored a personal best.

Minifl’ice from Neuss, Germany came third with 25.53 points. They had a clean programme and a strong skate.

Basic Novice
There were four teams competing in Basic Novice from three different nations. 

In first place was Team Illuminice from Eindhoven, Netherlands who scored 34.52 points. Dressed as Wednesday Addams, they skated a fun programme which seemed to be filled with mischief.

Wight Sparkles from Isle of Wight, GBR came second with 29.55 points. They skated to the Spice Girls in a jam-packed routine and it looked as though every skater were enjoying themselves immensely.

Supernova from Lee Valley, GBR came third scoring 23.57 points. Skating to Spy Kids, there were some nice moments in the choreography which nodded to the film and they showed good speed across the ice. Team Novia (BEL) completed the ranking.
Pre-Juvenile was a closely matched category with four GBR teams fighting it out for the top spot.

In first place was Starz from Aberdeen who scored 21.63 points. Skating to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they smashed their personal best and had a great skate.

Second place was Twizzles from Altrincham who were skating to the muppets. Again, they had a personal best score with a fantastic skate, scoring them 20.84

In third place was Wight Sequins from Isle of Wight. They scored 18.78 points. Icepops from Nottingham finished 4th.

The beginner category was a popular category and the last one to skate at the competition. It also featured some of the youngest skaters and several teams which had never been to a competition before.

In first place, earning 17.23 points was Pearl from Bradford. Skating to High School Musical, they had some flow and attack in their programme and gained a really good components score.

In second place was Stardust from Lee Valley. They skated to Charlie and the Chocolate factory in a really neat performance scoring them 14.58 - a personal best.

In third place was Star Gazers from Gosport. This was their first ever competition, having only skated together for a few months and they scored 11.48 points to their circus inspired programme.

Results - TOP 3

Steel City Trophy 2020
Sheffield (GBR)
MAR 07, 2020 - MAR 09, 2020

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)207.89
2Team Illumination (NED)135.67
3Team Phoenix (BEL)117.97

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Team Infinity (SWE)58.72
2Team Butterfl Ice (GER)58.38
3Gosport Allstars (GBR)49.32

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)206.05
2Team Icicles (GBR)99.52
3Iceskateers Elite (AUS)94.28

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Ice Fantasy (RUS)82.33
2Team Harmony (SWE)49.65
3Ladybirds (ITA)45.98

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Whizz Kids (GBR)56.67
2Team Unum (GBR)51.59
3Ladybirds (ITA)48.99