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Could coronavirus cancel the synchro skating events?


A few synchronized skating events could be at risk as the coronavirus continues to spread around the globe. Two competitions that should be organized soon in Switzerland all closely monitoring the situation after a significant increase in the number of cases in the country the last few days.

After Italy, Switzerland takes action against the virus as some cases have been detected in the country. This has an impact on the organization of several synchronized skating events.
Events at which more than 1000 people would gather are banned
An extraordinary meeting of the Federal Council was held on Friday in Switzerland. In view of the current situation and the spread of the coronavirus, the Federal Council has categorised the situation in Switzerland as ‘special’ in terms of the Epidemics Act. Large-scale events involving more than 1000 people are now banned in the whole country, at least until 15 March.

Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019

What about synchro events?
The Swiss Cup that should take place this weekend in St. Gallen will be carried out as planned, but the organizers have given safety instructions:

"shaking hands, hugging and kissing" are not allowed because of the current situation, explained the Organizing Committee. "Leave everyone who has flu-like symptoms at home," added the organizers. Five Italian teams coming from Lombardy decided in conversation with the Organizing Committee not to take part in the Swiss Cup this weekend. 

Ice hockey games without spectators

By the way, many ice hockey clubs in Switzerland have decided to react to the threat of the virus by not permitting an audience for this weekend's games. Big international events as the International Geneva motor show or Baselworld have been cancelled. 

Another synchro event reacted on Friday following the new decisions in Switzerland. The Mixed Age Trophy to be held in Basel on March 28 "is closely paying attention to the development of the situation".

"For the moment we see no reason for cancellation of MATrophy 2020. However, we are obliged to follow all measures of the Federal (Swiss) or Cantonal (Basel-Stadt) Authorities in charge. This means that we will assess the situation after 15 March 2020 and keep you informed," wrote the competition.

Team Starlight Senior (SUI) last year at Worlds. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

What is the situation in your country? Are you afraid that the spread of coronavirus will prevent the organization of large synchronized skating events?

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