Welcome home, synchro lovers!


At the start of this season, Jura Synchro put on their new skating dress to make you happy and make you feel at home. Interface, newsroom, interactivity… Welcome to your new website! 

A year ago, Jura Synchro, a news website just about synchronized skating in the world, was born. The name comes from a little area located in the heart of Switzerland, close to the city of Lausanne, where the ISU and the International Olympic Committee are.

The season progresses and the numbers of readers get bigger and bigger. Jura Synchro is doing more. News, pictures, videos, live tweets… The founders, who come from the field of media, work voluntarily on this project to bring forward this sport. Synchronized Skating is the fastest growing sport and there are more and more people who do this sport and watch it.

Worldwide correspondents network

After 3 months of development, Jura Synchro is proud to show you their new website. This platform is working now with the precious help of many correspondents in each country. These experimented editors will provide you with news, competition reports or interviews during the whole season.

Discover their profiles under the « Newsroom » section. If you’re interested about journalism and you’re a synchro skating lover, join our team !

SynchroBook: an international data base

Apart from news, Jura Synchro’s new website aims to identify all synchro competitions in the world and also all synchro teams. Discover the teams in the « SynchroBook » and don’t hesitate to add a team if it doesn’t exist or complete with new information.

Welcome to your new website that will allow…

…passionate people to stay in touch with this sport
…everyone to fall in love with this magical discipline !