An extremely tight race to win the 2020 Swedish gold title


Team Spirit from the Kungsbacka and Mölndal skating clubs won the gold medal in the Junior division. (Credits: Sébastien Muller - 2020)

The Swedish championships 2020 took place last weekend in Kungsbacka, in the southwest of Sweden. If the country is still waiting for the return of a senior team, the junior competition was thrilling.

Nice improvement in the Beginners division
Beginning teams in Sweden improved a lot in those last weeks, many of them have significantly received a higher total point compared to the last competitions.

For these national championships, eight teams were entered. Victory went to Team Crystal from Nacka, who presented a clean program totaling 43.65 points. The Landvetter Super Team, coached by Andrea Dohany and other former Team Surprise skaters, finished second (38.59) and the local Team Happiness team finished just behind with 38.14 points, thus winning the bronze medal.

Team Fantazy, Team Divine, Team Twilight, Team Galaxy and Team Seastar complete the Beginners ranking.

Skaters from Team Crystal ended their program with emotions. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Over 75 points for novice winners!
Despite a fall in the No Hold Element, the Team Together who skated at home easily won the novice competition with a huge score of 75.86 points. Dressed in blue dresses, the skaters received a level 4 for their traveling circle (TC) and for their No Hold Element.

Team Caprice finished in second place, and Team Harmony captured the bronze medal. The scores were very close between these two teams, which finished with 66.82 points and 66.35 points respectively.

The level was high in this category which included six teams. Team Limelight, Team Seaflowers and Team Karisma also competed in this division.

Team Together, Novice champions 2020. (Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Great competition between Spirit and Seaside
In Junior, only 4 teams were competing. The suspense was at its peak since, after the short programs, Team Seaside led the competition with less than 1 point. Team Spirit was provisionally in second position.

For the long program, the level literally went up a notch in the arena with the performance of Team Spirit skating in their own rink. In black and white dresses, the team performed an energetic performance to reach a total score of 155.23 points.

Team Seaside during the Free Program. (Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

The tension was therefore very high for Seaside which, like Team Spirit had to reckon with a fall. The team finally finished in 2nd place, less than 2 points from the winners with a total of 153.34 points. 

Team Convivium finished 3rd with 121.21 points, and Team Moonlights 4th (96.86). 

The two teams, Team Spirit and Seaside, will represent Sweden at the next Junior World Championships in Nottingham. 
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Results - TOP 3

Swedish National Championships 2020
Kungsbacka (SWE)
FEB 22, 2020 - FEB 23, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Spirit (SWE)155.23
2Team Seaside (SWE)153.34
3Team Convivium (SWE)121.21

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Together (SWE)75.86
2Team Caprice (SWE)66.82
3Team Harmony (SWE)66.35

TEAM Score
1Team Crystal (SWE)43.65
2Super team (SWE)38.59
3Team Happiness (SWE)38.14