65 synchro teams competed at the Cup of Dresden


Crystal Illusions from Finland won the Mixed Age event in Dresden. (Credits: Crystal Illusions - 2020)

For its second edition, the Cup of Dresden brought together 65 teams in its "Energie Verbund Arena" in Germany. This exciting competition is growing and the teams competed in nine categories.

Mixed Age
The most popular category was the Mixed Age division which brought together 15 teams from 11 different countries.

The Finnish team Crystal Illusions easily won the competition with a score of 70.04 points. The team could still have earned more points if their Twizzle Element had been counted in the technical score.

The silver medal went to the German team Saxony Ice Pearls (59.99 points) who had a deduction point for "costume failure".

With two falls at the end of the program, the Swiss Snowflakes were still able to win bronze with a score of 56.78 points. Skating in black and red dresses, the team coming from the Bern region finished just ahead of the Italian Flying Angels who got 56.28 points.

Scores were tight between 5th and 9th place, as well as between 11th and 14th place. This competition was a good preparation for these teams, many of which will participate in the International Mixed Age Trophy which will take place at the end of March in Switzerland.

Junior & Senior ISU
Three teams competed in the Junior event. Harmonia (CZE) won the competition with a total score of 100.08 points. Team Magic of Hungary finished second (95.59) and the other Czech team Kometa finished 3rd with 90.19 points.

In the Senior division, only the German team Skating Graces was entered. The skaters finished with a total score of 133.63 points, moving them away from their best score of the season (161.06 points earned at the German national championships).

Advanced Novices
The Advanced Novice category was also a great competition.

With 62.30 points, Team Berlin Novice (GER) won the gold medal with a lead of almost 12 points over the second team Skating Graces Novice which totaled 56.51 points. Starlight Novice from Switzerland finished in third place with a score of 54.61 points.

English, Italian, German and Croatian teams complete the ranking.

In the other divisions...
Three Swiss teams met once again in Germany to compete in the Senior B category. Cool Dreams Royals largely won the event (79.32), followed by Zurich Starlight Seniors (62.06) and Team Saphire (56.33) from Basel.

A very nice competition took place among the Adults in which 12 teams skated. The three Czech teams finished on the podium: Ice Chicas (CZE) with the gold medal (55.47), All Stars with the silver (48.23) and Goldies earned the bronze (44.91).

Ice Fire of Poland won the Basic Novice division with 38.75 points, followed by Saxony Ice Pearls Novice (GER) and the Polarky team (CZE).

With ten participating teams, the Juvenile victory went to Kometa from the Czech Republic that won gold with a score of 34.44. Ice Gems (GBR) finished 2nd and Le Soleil (POL) claimed the bronze title.

Finally, the Die kleinen Eisteufel team was the winner in the Pre-Juvenile division with a score of 18.15 points. Ice Fire (POL) and Team Prima (CZE) also reached the podium.

Results - TOP 3

Cup of Dresden 2020
Dresden (GER)
FEB 22, 2020 - FEB 23, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Berlin Novice (GER)62.30
2Skating Graces (GER)56.51
3Starlight (SUI)54.61

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Crystal Illusions (FIN)70.04
2Saxony Ice Pearls (GER)59.99
3Snowflakes (SUI)56.78

TEAM Score
1Harmonia (CZE)100.08
2Team Magic (HUN)95.59
3Kometa (CZE)90.19

TEAM Score
1Skating Graces (GER)133.63

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams Royal (SUI)79.32
2Starlight Jewels (SUI)62.06
3Team Saphire (SUI)56.33