We will soon know who will win Challenger Series in the Senior division...


The audience cheered for Team Unique in the Milanese rink on Saturday night. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2020)

In a few hours, the first Challenger Series of synchronized skating will have its winner. Saturday evening, 23 Senior teams presented their short program in Milan. Recap of the competition before the free programs!

Team Unique, once again, put a crazy atmosphere on the ice with their free program to "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish. As soon as the team entered the arena, the spectators shouted and cheered. Many fans also took out their phones to film the program. The Finnish team skated a very confident and clean program to obtain a huge score of 82.22 points, which naturally placed them ahead of the competition with 3.53 points ahead.

Marigold Ice Unity, second team from Finland competing in Milan, presented a great short program. However, they missed a few GOEs due to a small fall in the No Hold Element. Their performance to the theme "Escape Room" brought them a total of 78.69 points.

In third place, the Russian Team Tatarstan! Dressed in very beautiful blue and grey dresses, the team impressed the audience with its very energetic program and their dynamic ponytails' movements. For their only participation in a Challenger Series, the team has already collected 77.29 points for its short program.

Nexxice, Canada's only team to compete in Italy this weekend, is provisionally 4th with 76.49 points. The Burlington team skated their short program with speed and fluidity.

Despite a fall into the No Hold element, Skyliners (USA) skated a very good program in Milan, getting 68.01 points for the short program. Their dramatic interpretation and their energy allowed them to earn good points in the components.

Their compatriots Crystallettes, also from the United States, finished 6th with 63.31 points. Their blue and very bright dresses amazed more than one spectator.

The crowd cheered on their home team: Hot Shivers (ITA). Andrea Gilardi's team skated an excellent and graceful short program (60.48).

The French team, Les Zoulous, skated a good short program in blue costumes, totaling 59.74 points. They are currently five points ahead of the Japanese team Jingu Ice Messengers who had to reckon with a fall at the end of the program just before the intersection. The performance of the Japanese was both fast and refreshing with their very colorful costumes (54.07 points).

Team Berlin 1 from Germany is 10th after its dynamic and clean program (53.83 points). Team Passion (HUN) skated an emotional program in red dresses and ranked 11th (52.13 points).

Team Ice on Fire (ITA) got 49.38 points and is at 12th place, and Team Olympia from the Czech Republic finished just behind with their tango (48.21 points). Team Darlings (CZE) is not far behind following their Sia program (46.58 points).

The Swiss team Starlight, the German team Skating Graces and the Spanish Team Fusion are really close after the short programs, with 40.86, 40.35 and 40.23 points respectively. The Zurichers experienced some difficulties in the whip intersection, the Germans did not skate their best program with two falls at the start of the performance. As for the Madrid team, they presented a good program to "California Dreaming". These two teams are currently 15th, 16th and 17th.

Team Illumination of the Netherlands is currently 18th after a classic and well-executed program (37.88 points), Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO) has won 35.72 points thanks to its "Latin" program.

Team Phoenix (BEL) won 35.01 points for their short program in pink costumes, Sweet Mozart (AUT) received 33.48 points for their performance to traditional Austrian music, Team Ice United (NED) skated in scintillating and blue suits and got 32.46 points and the Italian Shining Blades totaled 26.70 points.

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Results - TOP 3

Spring Cup 2020
Sesto San Giovanni, Milano (ITA)
FEB 14, 2020 - FEB 16, 2020

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)207.26
2Teams Elite (USA)184.73
3Lexettes (USA)175.20

TEAM Score
1Team Unique (FIN)236.82
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)232.29
3Nexxice (CAN)220.61