A great synchro weekend took place in Neuss


Team Butterfl'Ice won the Mixed Age division. (Credits: S.J. Photos - 2020)

The NRW-Trophy for Synchronized Skating 2020 took place last weekend in Neuss, a city in western Germany. Mixed Age, Basic Novices and Juveniles teams competed.

The Juvenile category had three competing teams.

The victory went to Team Berlin Minis (GER) who won the competition with a score of 22.45, despite a fall in the second element, the line for which they received level 3. Team Illumini's from the Netherlands finished second (21.00). Team Ice Evolution, representing Belgium, placed third with 12.02 points, their first element (TC) was not validated by the panel.

There were seven teams in the Basic Novices' field.

Team Illuminice (NED) won the gold medal after a very clean program that brought them 36.32 points. The French team, Les Flammes, took the silver title. The team could have obtained a better score if their circle element could have been counted (25.56 points). Munich Destiny, representing Germany, captured bronze. Despite a fall in the last element, the team totaled 21.04 points.

Team Novia, The Ice Cubes, Minifl'ice and Team Ice Energy from Belgium and Germany, completed the Basic Novice ranking.

The Mixed Age category was one of the most interesting divisions to follow, many teams having a very good level of skating.

After finishing 3rd at the Hevelius Cup, and 2nd at the German national championship, Team Butterfl'Ice had a great victory in Neuss.  With a score of 60.64 points, and despite a fall in the Twizzle Element, the team was able to demonstrate good skills on the ice.

The Swiss Team Snowflakes claimed the silver medal. Coached by Monika Schneider, the team from the Bern region skated in red and black dresses and obtained several levels 3 for a total score of 60.03.

Munich Synergy finished third in this beautiful Mixed Age competition. Representing Germany, the team fell at the very start of their program in the Moves element but then, finished their performance by showing great elements (54.25 points).

Team Rising Roses, Team Filia, Silk City Stars, Frost Fairies, Team Illuminique, Team Crystallice, Sky'Linis and Les Flammes also skated last weekend in this division.

Results - TOP 3

NRW Trophy 2020
Neuss (GER)
FEB 08, 2020 - FEB 08, 2020

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Team Butterfl Ice (GER)60.64
2Snowflakes (SUI)60.03
3Munich Synergy (GER)54.25