New Scottish Champions crowned at Trophy D'Ecosse


Solway Stars (GBR) skated in the Junior ISU category at the Trophy D'Ecosse. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

The three day Trophy D’Ecosse kicked started this weekend at Dumfries Ice Bowl Leisure Complex, Dumfries, Scotland, comprising of 44 teams. Encompassing the Scottish Championships, teams were also vying for their national title. Friday and Saturday saw the Junior and Senior categories and the non-ISU categories were interspersed throughout the weekend.

Senior ISU
There were 2 teams in the senior category representing Australia and Great Britain. In the short programme, first place was earned by Nova from Australia who scored 26.81 points. They skated to Queen in a fast paced programme. Unfortunately, there were 2 falls in the step sequence of the No Hold element although the team recovered and performed a solid Moves Element.

Zariba from Aberdeen skated next to "Praise You". They scored 26.17 points leaving only a 0.21 score difference between then and the leaders so the fight was on in the long programme to claim that first place position.

Saturday saw the culmination of the competition with Nova maintaining their lead in the Free Programme. Scoring 74.43 points, they recovered from an early fall in the intersection and proceeded to skate a stylistic programme in very classy black and white dresses, gaining a level 4 in their Moves Element and ending the programme with a well received pairs element, earning them the crowd’s appreciation. They scored 101.24 points in total.

Although they didn’t manage to scoop first place, Team Zariba skated a season’s best with their 1940’s inspired programme, earning them 69.15 points. They gained a level 4 with their group lift and reclaimed their title as Scottish Champions for the 8th year running. They scored 95.32 points in total.

Junior ISU
There were 2 teams in the junior category representing Finland and Great Britain and in the short programme the scores were really close. 

With 33.85 points, Festa Aboensia from Finland came first in the short programme. Skating in grey ombre dresses to Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’, they skated a fluid programme, starting strongly with their Twizzle Element although they suffered a fall in the Intersection.

Solway Stars from Dumfries skated on to the home crowd’s delighted applause and skated a solid programme to Sarah Vaughn’s theme from Peter Gunn. They had a bouncy quality to their skating which befitted the music well and was reflected in their components scores. They scored 31.03 points.

The Free Programme saw Festa Aboensia hold onto their lead very determinedly, earning 82.74 points. Wearing shiny blue dresses, they skated a clean programme, scoring a level 4 in their Synchronised Spin and pleasing the crowd with their Moves Element. They scored 116.59 points in total.

Earning second place and claiming the Junior Scottish Champions title, Solway Stars scored a season’s best score of 70.98 points. They skated in purple to Danny Elfman in a balletic manner which fitted the style of the music well. They scored 102.01 points in total.

Advanced Novice
Saturday was the culmination of the ISU competition and Team Filiae Aboenses from Finland were the only team to complete in the Advanced Novice category. They fought hard for their total score of 60.81 points with an impressive Moves Element. Unfortunately, there was a fall in the No Hold but their Pivot Block was very neat and fast.
This category was a lovely way to open the competition with the audience really cheering on their teams. There were 5 teams competing and the fight for first place was fierce.

In first place from Nottingham was Ice Pops with 21.44 points. Skating to a shark inspired routine, Ice Pops took to the ice with all the confidence expected of a team who has just won the British Championships. They pushed out, covering the ice well, and looked very synchronised with matching extensions and tight formations.

Coming second with a "Toy Story" inspired routine, Wight Sequins from Isle of Wight delivered a high energy routine with fabulous costumes. They massively improved their score from their last competition gaining 20.24 points and looked like they were enjoying every second on the ice. They sped across the ice with smiles on their faces making it a pleasure to watch and also won the trophy for most entertaining programme of the day.

In third place from Altrincham was Twizzles who also scored a personal best this season with 19.61 points. Skating to circus music with matching costumes. They had a very solid line element which gained some impressive speed across the ice but also they matched each others extensions so it looked very confident. 

There were 6 teams skating in this category but the top of the leaderboard remained exactly the same as at the Britannia Cup.

In first position with 28.55 points was Ice Gems from Nottingham who sped across the ice to a routine inspired by High School Musical. They pushed hard and their elements had good flow and speed but unfortunately they suffered a fall in a transition. 

With a large improvement in their score from the last competition, Topaz from Aberdeen came second with 25.11 points. They had a strong beginning with knee slides and a well executed Moves Element, with 135 spirals paired with spread eagles, and their circle element flew across the ice.

In 3rd place and again a big improvement in their score, was Novus from Sheffield. They scored 22.22 points to the "Addams Family". There was some nice interpretation to the music incorporated in their choreography which gave the programme a more mature feel and made it interesting to watch.

The Beginner category had 4 teams of some of the youngest skaters in the competition.

With a season’s best score of 19.99, Solway Comets from Dumfries came first, skating to "Winnie the Pooh". They opened with a very confident moves element and spiral chains with matching spiral heights. The programme was softly skated and highlighted inflections in the music in the choreography well.

In second place was Pearl from Bradford who improved on their score, earning 18.77 points, closing the gap between first and second. They skated to "High School Musical" confidently with smooth transitions between the elements, reflected in their components score.

Skating to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", Cherubs from Deeside were a delight to watch in green and white traditional costumes. They came 3rd with a score of 13.38. It was a floaty and light programme, gaining level 2 in 2 elements.

Junior B
Skating to their Free Programme, the Junior B category had 3 teams completing and there was a fight for the top spot with little difference in scores between first and second place.

Team Unum from Sheffield scored a season’s best with 57.87 points with their programme to "Dance Macabre". This team really used the music to their advantage, expressing a fierceness throughout. They scored a level 4 in their Synchronised Spins and overall performed a very mature programme.

Whizz Kids from Altrincham came second with 51.68 points. They started the programme with several falls in the pivot block but had pulled it back by the time to their Synchronised Spins element, for which they received a level 4. It was a very athletic programme, representing their theme, "The Greatest Showman", well.

Magenta from Cardiff also skated a season’s best, scoring 41.84 points. They skated to "Dare You To Move" by Vitamin String Quartet and were down-in-the-knees, creating a smooth feel across the ice and a classy performance.

Basic Novice
Basic Novice had 2 teams competing. Solway Lightning from Dumfries gained first place with 31.48 points, a season’s best. They skated to the "Sound of Music" with soft, calm skating. Unfortunately, there was one fall in a transition but the elements were completed well and they demonstrated good basic skating throughout.

Close on their tail, in second place was Wight Sparkles from Isle of Wight. They also hugely improved their score with a season’s best of 31.00 points. Skating to "Spice Girls", they whipped across the ice and performed a very clean Moves Element. They kept up the high energy of the piece, making for an enjoyable performance.

A popular category with 7 teams competing, Intermediate was won by Deelites from Deeside. Scoring 28.05 points to a Chicago inspired programme, Deelites skated with very good basics throughout, despite a fall in their Pivot Block element. The choreography added to the drama of the music and it was well executed.

Shooting Stars for Gosport came second with 26.03 points. Despite a fall in the Pivot Block element, they skated a fast paced routine to Pump up the Jam and maintained their speed and energy throughout.

Altair from Altrincham came third with a big improvement in their score from the last competition, 25.47 points. They skated a clean programme in fierce gold and black catsuits with a neat, sharp line as their opening element.
Mixed Age
With 6 teams competing, Mixed Age was also a popular category.

In first place was All Stars from Gosport who scored 51.25 points. This team have had a great season so far and this performance was no exception. Then skated with high energy with interesting transitions throughout, including in their Artistic Wheel.

Zulu from Aberdeen had a season’s best with 46.14 points. Skating to "Aladdin", they had some of the fastest twizzles in the competition. They also had interesting features in their Artistic Line.

Close on their heels, in third place was Solway Eclipse from Dumfries who scored 46.03 points. Apart from a fall in the Twizzles, they had a solid skate with deep knee bends and good speed across the ice, especially in their Pivot Block.

Ice Unite, Wight Crystals and Amici also competed in this division.

Always a very popular category, this competition was no different with 7 teams skating on the Sunday. The scores were extraordinarily close between all 7 teams and the competition was fierce for the top spot with 0.22 points difference between first and second place.

Winning the Adult category was Northern Stars from Hull with 25.67 points, earning them a season’s best. Wearing flapper dresses, they had a solid routine with nice knee bends throughout. They maintained their theme throughout.

In second place, with 25.45 points was Bladerunners from Altrincham. As has come to be expected now from this team, there was smooth skating to their "Adele" routine and clean, matching extensions throughout.

In 3rd place was Starlight Tornado from Stirling. They improved their score greatly from the last competition, earning 23.12 points. Skating to a Scottish themed programme, they were a hit with the local audience!

Results - TOP 3

Trophy d'Ecosse 2020
Dumfries (GBR)
FEB 07, 2020 - FEB 08, 2020

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Gosport Allstars (GBR)51.25
2Team Zulu (GBR)46.14
3Solway Eclipse (GBR)46.03

TEAM Score
1NOVA (AUS)101.24
2Zariba (GBR)95.32

TEAM Score
1NOVA (AUS)101.24
2Zariba (GBR)95.32

TEAM Score
1Festa Aboensia (FIN)116.59
2Solway Stars (GBR)102.01

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Filiae Aboenses (FIN)60.81