Team Mystique is leading the Finnish qualification for Juniors


Team Mystique performing their program "African Sun" (Credits: Kirsi Laine 2019)

Best Junior teams from Finland compete for access to the World Championships this weekend. Teams skated their short programs on Saturday and both record points and failures were seen. Team Mystique is currently leading the competition.

Team Mystique earned a huge score (71.30) which is the season’s best of all Finnish Junior teams. Their program ”African Sun” was full of action and speed. They got their best performance at the right time and are leading clearly.

Dream Edges had a fall at the beginning of their program ”Addiction” but otherwise, the program was clear. They did not reach their best score but took second place with 67.60 points.

Musketeers was placed third not far from Dream Edges. They were given 67.41 points for their Short Program "Scorpion Attack".

Valley Bay Synchro was left farther from the top position. They had a fall during intersection which cost them a few points. They are currently in fourth place with 61.35 points.

Team Fintastic did not succeed in the short program competition. They had a group fall in the Move Element and were given -5 from all judges. In the Twizzle Element, one skater touched the ice quickly. The team gathered 61.08 points and is for the moment in fifth place.

Competition will continue on Sunday with the free skating section. The winner of the qualification will be Team Finland 1 at the Junior Worlds 2020. Team Finland 2 will be selected based on the average of three competition, the qualification and two best scores in any ISU or Finnish Figure Skating Association competitions.

Team Fintastic has the highest average after two competitions (195.28) followed by Musketeers (187.94).

Results - TOP 3

Finnish Junior Final Qualification 2020
Helsinki (FIN)
FEB 08, 2020 - FEB 09, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Mystique (FIN)194.71
2Dream Edges (FIN)188.21
3Team Fintastic (FIN)187.31