After the short programs, the scores are extremely tight!


Marigold Iceunity presented a clean and powerful short program to "Escape Room". (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography)

The third stage of the season's synchronized skating Challenger Series has been launched. On Friday, teams from around the world competed at the French Cup 2020 at the Ile Lacroix ice rink in Rouen, France. The atmosphere is great and the scores among the best teams are very tight!

Finnish gold and silver in the Novices division
The competition opened with the Novice Advanced teams. Two Finnish teams and a British team skated their free program.

Team Finettes (FIN) won first place with 81.44 points, they put out an intense and very clean program.

Their compatriots, Starlights, obtained a score of 71.98 points despite a fall in the middle of the program.

Finally, the Ice Dreams (GBR) were able to climb onto the third step of the podium with a "Cheerleaders" program. Even with a fall, they totaled 43.75 points.
Despite a fall, Russia leads the Juniors

After the Novices, the Junior teams presented their programs.

Team Junost from Ekaterinburg (RUS) won the short program. Despite a fall, the Russians skated a soft and graceful program which gave them a score of 68.99 points.

But two Finnish teams follow them very closely: Dream Edges skated in Rouen a very expressive and rich program, placing them just behind Junost with 68.14 points. Musketeers also finished their "Scorpions" short program on the provisional podium. Their dynamic and dark performance gave them a good total of 66.40 points.

Les Suprêmes Juniors are currently fourth with a score of 65.10 points and a very good performance full of energy. Nexxice had a fall and finished the short program competition with 62.73 points. The Americans also had a fall, Skyliners got 62.65 points and Teams Elite, for their first participation, received a very good score of 62.60 for their short program.

The gap then widens since Team Convivium (SWE) finished 8th with 47.32 points, including a deduction.

On the French side, the national teams also offered their audiences intense and very clean programs. Skating in elegant blue dresses, Jeanne d'Arc (the Rouen team) obtained 40.96 points, Les Chrysalides scored 33.28 points, including a fall, and finally, the Zazous concluded their first day with 29.24 points.

Finally, Icicles (GRB) earned 28.79 points, Shining Blades (ITA) in their yellow and black dresses totaled 24.72 points and Team Illuminettes (NED) closed the rankings with a total of 23.79 points.
With Seniors, everything can happen on Saturday!
Surprise in the Senior division!

The Finnish team Marigold Iceunity (FIN) seems really fit and leads the competition with 79.34 points, followed by their compatriots, the Helsinki Rockettes who totaled 78.12 points. Nearby, Les Suprêmes (CAN), closes this provisional podium, thanks to a smooth performance that brought them 77.27 points.

Team Paradise (RUS), which started out as a World Champion and as one of the strongest competitors of the competition, does not dominate the event because of 2 falls. The Russians are currently ranked 4th with a score of 77.23 points.

The Americans are also following closely. The Haydenettes are in 5th place after a touching program to a Céline Dion's song (64.06 points). Miami University (63.58) finished in provisional 6th place.

The French team Les Zoulous skated a dynamic program bringing them 53.10 points. The United Angels (GER) finished 8th after the short programs (38.87),

With 34.64 points, Team Fusion (ESP) is currently 9th, the Australian team Nova and the British Icicles complete the provisional rankings.

The podium race is very close, and on Saturday the teams can still reserve some nice surprises.

See you Saturday at 3:40 p.m. (UTC + 1) for the rest of the competition!

Results - TOP 3

French Cup 2020
Rouen (FRA)
JAN 31, 2020 - FEB 02, 2020

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)81.44
2Starlights (FIN)71.98
3Ice Dreams (GBR)43.75

TEAM Score
1Junost (RUS)205.21
2Dream Edges (FIN)191.02
3Musketeers (FIN)186.55

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)227.48
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)224.08
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)219.39