Red and blue, the colours of victory in the Novices divisions


Team Sunrise 2 delivered a strong skate in the Advanced Novice division. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

The Leon Lurje Trophy 2020 closed on Sunday with the Advanced and Basic Novice divisions. If the Advanced presented their program for the second time, the Basic Novices only got one shot in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Advanced Novices
Eleven teams were competing in the Advanced Novices category and the level of those young skaters was astonishing! In this division, the teams had to present their programs twice and the total score is the sum of the two programs (each program’s score has been divided by two). 

Team Sunrise 2 from Russia edged out the other teams with a huge total of 102.75. The team from Saint-Petersburg got four levels 4 in the program and incredible high GOEs. 

Team CrystalBlades looked solid on Sunday and took the silver title with 76.49 in total. Skating in orange dresses, the Finnish skaters presented a clean performance. 

CrystalBlades in their free program. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Another team from Finland finished on the podium. Even with a fall in the Twizzle Element, Blue Arrows totaled 72.01 and got the bronze. With 70.62, Team Limelight (SWE) remained in fourth. 

The competition was really tight. The Swiss Cool Dreams skated their Mary Poppins program and earned 64.99 in total. Team Ice Energy from Finland finished just behind with 64.09 in total after a "magical" free program. Team Caprice (SWE) placed 7th with 62.79 and Team Together 8th with 61.48.

Team SeaflowersTeam Karisma and Team Harmony completed the Advanced Novice's rankings. 
Basic Novices
Team Golden Prize from Russia won the Basic Novice category. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

In the Basic Novice division, 10 teams competed on Sunday. They presented their free program just one time.

The victory went to the Russian team Golden Prize. The team skated to a Kids United music. Even with a fall in the Pivot block and two falls in the Intersection, that was enough for the team to win the gold with 47.34. They skated with grace and speed in blue dresses.

Chicas Del Amor from Finland claimed the silver medal. The team presented a creative free program called "Station 20". In their firefighters' costumes, they got 38.28. 

Like real firefighters, Chicas Del Amor's skaters (FIN) presented their free program. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2020)

Team Crystal from Sweden finished third with 35.26. They got three level-3 elements in their program. 

At the fourth place was Team Divine (34.38), followed by another Swedish Team Fantazy (30.98). 

Team Happiness (SWE) arrived in 6th after a program to the theme of love. Dressed in red, the young skaters started their performance in a heart’s shape at the beginning and earned 29.89.

Skating to the music of High School Musical, Team Twilight placed 7th with 28.97 and Super Team coached by Andrea Dohany finished 8th after a nice program called "Pokemon Mix".

Coached by Jenni Honkila, Team Galaxy skated to Angry Birds (26.54) and Team Seastar performed in elegant red dresses for a total of 25.52.

Results - TOP 3

Leon Lurje Trophy 2020
Göteborg (SWE)
JAN 24, 2020 - JAN 26, 2020

TEAM Score
1Sunrise 1 (RUS)202.46
2Crystal Ice (RUS)196.81
3Team Fintastic (FIN)193.35

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)231.85
2Team Unique (FIN)227.61
3Crystal Ice (RUS)223.44

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Sunrise 2 (RUS)102.75
2CrystalBlades (FIN)76.49
3Blue Arrows (FIN)72.01