Team Unique, Team Mystique and Team Dynamique won the ISU categories in Poland


Senior medalists on the podium. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola 2020)

Finnish teams kept dominating the fourth Hevelius Cup in Gdansk, Poland. On Sunday, the ISU categories Senior, Junior and Advanced Novices skated their free programs. Finland took eight medals of nine. In the Interclub competition, it was turn of Juvenile B, Basic Novices and Mixed Age to compete

Team Unique was a superior winner in Senior division

Team Unique from Finland kept the clear leading position and won the competition with a total score of 226.67. Earning these points, they are still having the Season’s Best result in Finland. They executed their dramatic and versatile “Betrayed” program with enormous speed and sharp movements. Their interpretation of the music was impressing. In the No Hold Element, there was one fall but the skater got fast back to her place. Anyway, the mistake decreased their technical scores. They earned 146.90 points and came second in the free program.

Helsinki Rockettes also from Finland succeeded superbly in their “Wounded Angel” performance. They won the free program competition and earned the top points 149.24. They skated very softly and emotionally and it was very enjoyable to watch their skating to the touching theme. They got the silver medal and a total score of 218.37.

Skating Graces from Germany was the bronze medalist and got 152.82 points for both programs. On Sunday, their rally theme was a refreshing exception in the competition. They skated a very controlled and faultless free program and earned a total score of 106.92. 

Team Mystique kept their lead in Juniors

There was no doubt of the winner of the Junior division when Team Mystique from Finland ended their free program.  Even they had one fall in the Intersection element they got the best scores of the free skating competition 116.82. Their “Tick Tock” program was full of interesting details and it really captured the audience. They claimed the gold medal earning a total score of 179.98.

Ice Steps from Finland got the silver. Their free program “At the 3D movies” proceeded fluently and the judges gave them 100.75 points. The team was very happy about their top scores of the season - they got a total of 151.70 points.

Team Reflections from Finland was a very happy team too. They claimed the bronze medal with a total score of 133.40. In the free program competition, they were in fifth place but in the end, they kept their third position.

Finland ruled also the Advanced Novice division – Team Dynamique was the winner
The first team which Finland's national anthem was played in the competition was Team Dynamique. With no hesitation, they claimed the gold medal skating to the theme “Dreaming in New York”. They got points 84.55.

With a total score of 76.00, the silver medal went to Dream Steps from Finland and Finnish team Aurora Borealis got points 75.95 and the bronze.

There were six teams in the Advanced Novice category.

Team Dynamique had a strong performance. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola 2020)

The local public was interested in the competition
It was delightful to notice that the big Hala Olivia ice rink was quite crowded during the whole event – also the Interclub competition and the audience cheered all the teams.  

In Junior B category, the Australian team Adelaide Ice Magic Junior skated their free program on Sunday and got the gold medal with total points of 72.84.  

In the Basic Novice division, there were four teams. Ice Fire Novice from Poland won the competition with 35.01 points; Team Illuminice from the Netherlands got the silver and points 31.09. The bronze medalist with was the Polish team Le Soleil (25.92) and the fourth place went to Amberlight from Latvia. They got 25.08 points. 

In Mixed Age division, the Finnish teams took the gold and silver. Moonlights was the clear winner with a total score of 74.54 points and Les Miracles was the second getting 67.85 points. Butterfl´ice from Germany claimed the bronze medal and earned 67.20 points. There were 10 teams in this category.

All the teams gathered on the ice for the Victory seremony. (Credits: Santtu Jaakkola 2020)

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Results - TOP 3

4th Hevelius Cup
Gdansk (POL)
JAN 17, 2020 - JAN 19, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Unique (FIN)226.67
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)218.37
3Skating Graces (GER)152.82

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Adelaide Ice Magic (AUS)72.84

TEAM Score
1Team Mystique (FIN)179.98
2Ice Steps (FIN)151.70
3Reflections (FIN)133.40

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)84.55
2Dream Steps (FIN)76.00
3Aurora Borealis (FIN)75.95

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Moonlights (FIN)74.54
2Les Miracles (FIN)67.85
3Team Butterfl Ice (GER)67.20