Team Paradise secured its spot at Worlds but...


Very confident in the short program, Team Paradise has experienced more difficulties in the free program. (Credits: Roy Ng Photography - 2019)

One of the most anticipated events of the Russian synchro world started on the 17th of January. The thirty best teams from the whole country arrived in Saransk to fight for the title of the Russian Nationals and qualify for the Worlds.

Day 1
As the tradition goes Advanced Novice opened the competitions.

All 13 teams performed well, however, there is only one winner. Team Sunrise-2 from Saint-Petersburg, multiple national champions, showed vivid performance, earned 92.13 points and won the competition by a large margin. The second place went to the new team Sunrise-3 (82.33 points). The girls are just starting their sport way. Nevertheless, their first season has become extremely successful. Team Junost Advanced Novice performed emotionally and finished third with 81.14 points. 

There was a real struggle for the gold in the Junior division.

After the first day, Team Junost from Ekaterinburg was leading the competition. They presented a tender and soulful short program to the music “Melodie” by Antonín Dvorák. They impressed the spectators and got 77.71 points. Crystal Ice Junior from Moscow performed confidently their Waltz and staged the real masquerade. Their strong short program brought to the team 77.46 points. Team Sunrise-1 from Saint-Petersburg showed a bright program with traditionally smooth skating and even small offensive fall didn’t spoil the impression. They earned 69.49 points and took the third position after the first day. 

Team Junost during their short program.

In the Senior division, the first day of the competitions gave the audience the bunch of emotions and impressions.

Team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg took first place after the short program. Ladies presented a passionate and emotional tango, getting a great total of 78.73 points. The second place came to the team Tatarstan from Kazan. They showed an amazing program to the song “Kiss” by Prince & The Revolution gave them 76.00 points. Crystal Ice Senior from Moscow placed third after the short program. They showed strong and highly technical skating and earned 73.15 points. 

Day 2
The 19th of January was the day of the free programs.

In the Junior division, Team Junost – 3 times World Junior Champion – confidently won the Russian Nationals for the 18 times. The team perfectly presented their terrific free program “Scheherazade”, masterfully turning into the eastern beauties. They got 139.12 points and 216.83 in total.

Team Crystal Ice Junior emotionally presented the famous story about the girl in the red coat. They skated to the music of the film “Schindler’s list”. Despite a small fall, they skated wonderfully and collected 211.55 in total.

The third place came to Sunrise-1. The team from Saint-Petersburg got 131.13 for the free. They had chosen a very difficult theme: the "Siege of Leningrad" during the Great Patriotic War. This is a very important historical event not only for their hometown but also for all people in Russia. This importance and value were masterfully transmitted to the audience by their skating. They finished third with 200.62 in total.

The Junior podium, with Junost (1st) and Crystal Ice (2nd) nominated to represent Russia at Worlds. 

The second day in the Senior division showed that synchro skating in Russia can have some twists. It is not only about the creation of the new teams, for example, the senior team Orlenok from Perm, but also about the rapid development of the others. Every year, competition is getting higher and it is becoming year after year more difficult to win.

Team Paradise from Saint-Petersburg – 3 times World Champions – did it, but this year... it was not so easy. They performed an amazing classical program, the “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel, but two offensive mistakes did not allow them to save the leadership after the free program. They got only 138.55 for the free and came third. However, with the results of the short program, Paradise saved the situation. They earned 217.28 in total and confirmed their title of national champions.

The second place came to Tatarstan. They showed a powerful and expressive program to “Golden Horde”, which brought them 140.36 points, and 216.30 in total. It means that there was less than a point between Kazan’s team and Paradise.

Performing their dynamic Indian program with high technical levels, team Crystal Ice Senior earned 140.36 for their free skate and finished the first after the free program. The final result for the Moscow’s team was 213.51, so they got the bronze medal. 
Russian Nationals were really eventful and interesting! All teams showed a very high level of professional development and gave a real fest to the audience. Many teams will now show their programs at international competitions.