The best junior teams blew up the scores


The Junior Team Fintastic realized an amazing performance that brought them a huge score. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Almost 200 points! This is the score obtained by Team Fintastic at the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy this weekend. The Finnish team won the Junior competition hands down. The Skyliners (USA) took the gold in the Senior division.

Team Fintastic continued its success by winning the Junior event
Already in the first position after the short program competition, Team Fintastic from Helsinki, Finland, won the Junior competition in Zagreb. They skated their program "Anesthesia" with power and many technical difficulties and got a huge score of 128.54. Team Fintastic racked up a personal best total score of 198.29 to win the gold medal.

Lexettes from the USA moved up one spot to get the silver medal. The team executed a clean free program and earned six Level-4 elements. With a score of 114.65 for the free skate, they finished in second position (172.15).

Their compatriots' Team Image dropped from second to third on a total score of 162.00. Gold Ice (CAN) skated to a narrow lead over Team Image in the free program event but ranked fourth in the final rankings with a score of 157.37.

Sun City Swing skated in Zagreb its free program ”Tick Tock goes the Clock...”. The Finnish team arrived in fifth position with 142.36. Shining Blades, representing Italy, came sixth and finished just in front of Harmonia (CZE). Kometa from the Czech Republic, Team Magic (HUN) and the Croatian team Zagreb Snowflakes completed the Junior rankings.

Lexettes (USA) won the silver medal in Zagreb. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

A new season's best score for Skyliners Senior
Dressed in glittering pink costumes, Skyliners Senior picked up the gold medal last weekend in Zagreb. The team topped the Senior division with a 25 points margin. The team has earned a new season's best score in both programs and finished with 210.89. The next international competition for the team will be in Milan, Italy in three weeks.

After Britannia Cup, Adrian College looked solid last weekend and improved its total score by more than 12 points. The team from Michigan, USA, claimed the silver medal with 184.24!

Team Darlings (CZE) remained at third place after the free program. The team had a fall in the No Hold Element but earned a good score of 103.81, which meant 149.94 in total. Team Darlings showed great improvement since its last competition in Riga, Latvia, at the beginning of December.

The Italian team Ice on Fire stood in fourth place, and Zagreb Snowflakes finished fifth. The two teams also had a fall, in the intersection element for Ice on Fire, and in the Group Lift for the Croatian team. 

Skyliners Senior and their incredible energy on the ice. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Italian victories
The queens of the Advanced Novice division were undoubtedly the Novettes (FIN). The team skated its free program "The Temple" and got 72.06 points. Dressed in blue, Team Together from Sweden took the silver medal with 68.50. The Finnish Team Soleil performed its program "Guardians of the Moon" and earned a total score of 60.66. Hot Shivers Novice (ITA), Gemini (CZE) and Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO) also competed in this category.

The Italian Hot Shivers won the Basic Novice competition (37.43). With 35.12, team Big Bang from the Czech Republic took the silver medal and Shining Blades, also from Italy, came third (32.05).

Another Italian team, Frost Fairies picked up the gold in the Mixed Age division. Ice Diamonds (ITA) arrived in second position, Southern Sky from Australia ranked third and Zagreb Snowflakes came fourth.

The Mixed Age podium. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Team Tempo (CZE) was the winner in the Juvenile division (32.35), followed by Sport Magic (HUN) and Kometa from the Czech Republic. Seven teams skated in this event.

In the Adult category, Evolution from Australia was the only team to compete. They won the gold with 20.52.

The Adult Team Evolution has travelled thousands of kilometers from Australia to compete in Zagreb. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

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Results - TOP 3

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2020
Zagreb (CRO)
JAN 17, 2020 - JAN 19, 2020

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)210.89
2Adrian College (USA)184.24
3Team Darlings (CZE)149.94

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)198.29
2Lexettes (USA)172.15
3Team Image (USA)162.00

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Novettes (FIN)72.06
2Team Together (SWE)68.50
3Team Soleil (FIN)60.66

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Frost Fairies (ITA)52.23
2Ice Diamonds (ITA)51.21
3Southern Sky Team 1 (AUS)49.62