The synchro magic kicks in Croatia


Team Fintastic is leading the Junior division after the short program. (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

Skyliners (USA) and Team Fintastic from Finland topped the Senior's and Junior's Short Program at the Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy on Friday in Croatia.


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Senior: The USA at the top
With four levels 4 earned in the short program and good GOEs, Skyliners won the Senior event. The team from the New York area skated a confident program and got 73.65.

Just returned from England where the team took part in the Britannia Cup last weekend, Adrian College (USA) finished second on 57.81 points edging Team Darlings (CZE), who scored 46.13 points. Adrian College had one fall in the last element of the program which made them lose several points for the intersection.

The Italian Ice on Fire is really not far behind and can still dream about a podium. The team arrived fourth and got a total of 44.37. The local team Zagreb Snowflakes placed fifth with 34.36. 

Finland dominated the Junior division
Team Fintastic performed their short program "Sound of Silence" with confidence in Croatia. The team had a fantastic program, rewarded by three levels 4. They scored 69.75 and took a strong lead. 

Two teams from the United Stated claimed provisionally the silver and bronze medal. Team Image and Lexettes had both a fall in their program and finished respectively second and third with 58.88 and 57.50. 

Then came, Canada. Gold Ice had also a fall in the No Hold Element that cost a few points and finished 4th after the short program with 53.97. The Finnish team Sun City Swing, Harmonia from the Czech Republic, Shining Blades (ITA), the Hungarian Team MagicKometa (CZE) and Zagreb Snowflakes from Croatia completed the Junior rankings.

In the youngest categories...
Nine Basic Novice teams competed also on Friday. Hot Shivers won the gold medal with 37.43. Scoring 35.12, Big Bang (CZE) is the silver medallist and Shining Blades finished third by earning 32.05.

In the Juvenile division, the victory went to the Czech team Tempo (32.35), Sport Magic (HUN) got 31.17 and took the silver medal. Kometa (CZE) arrived in third position. The category gathered seven teams.

Results - TOP 3

Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2020
Zagreb (CRO)
JAN 17, 2020 - JAN 19, 2020

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)210.89
2Adrian College (USA)184.24
3Team Darlings (CZE)149.94

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)198.29
2Lexettes (USA)172.15
3Team Image (USA)162.00

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Novettes (FIN)72.06
2Team Together (SWE)68.50
3Team Soleil (FIN)60.66

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Frost Fairies (ITA)52.23
2Ice Diamonds (ITA)51.21
3Southern Sky Team 1 (AUS)49.62