The new generation of synchro skaters is born


Team Harmony competed in the Advanced Novice division. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Last weekend, the second national qualifications were held in Borås, Sweden. This very well arranged competition has been organized by the local club Konståkarna Borås.

The youngest skaters competed in the Club competition. Team Happiness from Kungsbacka won the event, scoring 32.21. This time, Team Happiness chose to compete in the Club competition, so their under-aged skater could participate, hence they qualified as a Basic Novice team at the first qualification competition. Team Galaxy finished second with 24.61, and Team Seastar won the bronze, earning 21.82.

In the Basic Novice division, also called Beginners, the victory went to Team Crystal from Nacka (42.46). Team Super Team, this time stepped down from the Advanced Novice classification, to also qualify as a Basic Novice Team. Silver medallist last weekend with a score of 39.88, this team will compete in this division at the Leon Lurje Trophy at the end of the month. Team Fantazy scored 31.58 and finished third, Team Divine arrived in fourth with 26.87.

Team Seastar is among the new talents of synchro skaters from Sweden. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

Representing Kungsbacka, Team Together got the gold medal in the Advanced Novice competition with a very good score of 71.40. Team Harmony claimed the silver title, earning 67.08 and Team Limelight took the bronze with 63.88. With Team Caprice, Team Karisma and Team Seaflowers, a total of six teams competed in this division.

Team Convivium picked up the bronze medal last weekend. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors - 2020)

With no Senior teams, the Junior event was the competition‘s highlight. Team Spirit won both the short and the free skate. They got 55.90 for their clean short program „A new begining“ and presented also a great free program to the theme „Haunted“. They scored 159.11 at the end of the weekend. Team Spirit was the only Junior team to collect level 4 in their performance.

Skating in burgundy and grey costumes, Team Seaside from Tjörn took the silver medal with a total score of 148.11. At the third place, Team Convivium a one fall in the short program and received 130.73 in total. Team Moonlights had also one fall in the free skate and placed fourth finally with a score of 85.10.

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Results - TOP 3

Swedish second qualifications 2020
Boras (SWE)
JAN 11, 2020 - JAN 12, 2020

TEAM Score
1Team Spirit (SWE)159.11
2Team Seaside (SWE)148.11
3Team Convivium (SWE)130.73

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Together (SWE)71.40
2Team Harmony (SWE)67.08
3Team Limelight (SWE)63.88