An American Classic Dr. Porter


With more than 200 points, Skyliners picked up the gold medal in the Senior ISU division. (Credits: Cynthia Slawter Photography - 2019)

This past weekend, more than 180 synchronized skating teams competed at the 24th Porter Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For many teams, this event is an important and exciting competition at the beginning of the season.

Senior and Junior: Skyliners remained in first place
In the Senior division, Skyliners earned the gold medal and scored 206.70 overall. This was more than 24 points more than in the last international competition California Cup last month. Miami University took the silver medal (181.49) and the Dearborn Crystallettes got the bronze (173.44). Adrian College Varsity came fourth with a total score of 161.63.

Skyliners also won the Junior ISU competition with a huge total score of 178.64. Team Image moved up from fourth to second place to take home the silver title (151.20). Scores were really tight: Starlights remained in third scoring 151.18 points overall. Eleven teams competed in this thrilling event.

Other divisions
Along with the international qualifying teams, this was an exciting weekend for a bunch of other divisions. From Preliminary to Collegiate.

In the Preliminary division, Starlights took fourth, Hockettes earned bronze, Teams Elite claimed second, and Crystallettes won the gold.

In the Juvenile division, Teams Elite earned the gold with a score of 46.21 with their energetic and cute Nutcracker program. Starlights took home the silver with a score of 44.65. Hockettes claimed bronze and a score of 40.47. Pewter was claimed by Wisconsin Inspire with a score of 37.39.

Intermediate A was won by the Capital Ice Chips with a score of 53.89. Skyliners earned the silver and a score of 50.86. Triangle Formations took the bronze with a score of 46.43. Wisconsin Inspire earned pewter and a score of 45.85.

Intermediate B's title was captured by Teams Elite with a score of 60.74. Followed by Starlights in second with a score of 45.76. Fond du Lac blades took bronze 44.10, and Dazzlers earned pewter with a score of 41.70. 

Novice A was won by Starlights with a score of 69.99. Crystallettes earned second (69.88). Bronze was claimed by Team Del Sol and a score of 67.46. And Team Delaware went home with the Pewter and a score of 59.86.

Novice B was won by Skyliners Blue, 81.35. Teams Elite closely followed with a score of 81.30. Hockettes earned third with a score of 72.26. And Wisconsin Inspire earned a score of 62.32.

Collegiate division was won by Miami University 98.73. Second was earned by Adrian College with a score of 87.13. University of Michigan with a score of 86.70 earned the bronze. And Pewter was earned by Western Michigan University with a score of 74.98. 

Results - TOP 3

Dr. Porter Classic 2019
Ann Arbor (USA)
DEC 06, 2019 - DEC 08, 2019

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)178.64
2Team Image (USA)151.20
3Starlights (USA)151.18

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)206.70
2Miami University (USA)181.49
3Crystallettes (USA)173.44

TEAM Score
1Miami University (USA)98.73
2Adrian College Varsity (USA)87.13
3University of Michigan SST (USA)86.70

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Starlights (USA)69.99
2Crystallettes (USA)69.88
3Team del Sol (USA)65.96

TEAM Score
1Skyliners Blue (USA)81.39
2Teams Elite (USA)81.30
3Hockettes (USA)72.26