Helsinki Rockettes and Team Mystique are leading the Finnish Second Qualifications


Team Mystique in their short program "African Sun". (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography)

The Second Finnish Qualifications for Synchronized Skating teams are held in Lahti this weekend. Helsinki Rockettes are leading in Seniors. In Juniors' category Team Mystique took the first place but is followed by two teams within a point. Team Dynamique won the first section of Novice teams.

Helsinki Rockettes is clearly in lead
The performance of Helsinki Rockettes was their best so far. They got really high scores for elements and components which gave them 79.34 points in total. It is the new Season’s Best of the short programs of all Finnish Senior teams.

Team Unique skated their program ”Bad Que” earning 73.28 points and took the second position. The program was clear but they did not reach all the technical levels and were left from their personal best by a few points.

Marigold IceUnity did not succeed in their short program ”Escape Room”. They had a fall during intersection which cost them many points. Compared to Helsinki Rockettes and Team Unique they did not perform as accurately and earned only 67.19 points which gave them the third place.

Team Lumineers arrived in fourth position. The team earned 60.24 for its short program. They performed a clean program but lost a few GOEs in the last intersection.

Helsinki Rockettes delivered once again a solid performance in their short program "Alarm". (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography - 2019)

Tight competition in Juniors: Team Mystique is leading
The Juniors' competition is extremely exciting as the top three teams are within a point after short programs. Team Mystique earned 66.11 points for their Program "African Sun" and is in lead. The team has developed a lot after the previous season. Today they reached all technical levels.

Musketeers performed their Program "The Scorpion Attack" powerfully, but did not reach the highest level in the intersection element. They earned 65.81 points and were placed second just behind Team Mystique.

Team Fintastic skated its short program "Sound of Silence" earning 65.49 points. They had a fall during the wheel element which affected negatively on their score. The rest of the program was clear and took them to the third position.

The reigning Finnish Champions Dream Edges are not participating this weekend as they are focusing on their upcoming international competition. All of the top teams had already got their tickets to the Finnish Championships 2020 in the first qualification.

The Junior team Musketeers with "Scorpion Attack"! (Credits: Ville Vairinen Photography - 2019)

Team Dynamique won the first section of Novices
The first section of Novice teams competed on Saturday.

Team Dynamique took the gold medal with 80.07 points but Valley Bay Synchronics finished not far behind. The team got 79.84 points for their program ”Hitcock’s Rear Window”. Neither of the teams had a clear performance. Valley Bay Synchronics had a full during twizzles and Team Dynamique had inaccuracies in more than just one element.

The difference between the second and third teams was bigger. The bronze medallist Blue Arrows skated their program ”Save the Sea” earning 63.06 points and were placed third.

The competition will continue on Sunday when the Seniors and Juniors and the second section of Novices will perform their free programs.

Team Dynamique in their Program "Dreaming in the New York". (Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography)

Results - TOP 3

Finnish second qualifications 2019
Lahti (FIN)
DEC 07, 2019 - DEC 08, 2019

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)80.07
2Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)79.84
3Blue Arrows (FIN)63.06

TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)82.41
2Starlights (FIN)73.09
3Diamond Edges (FIN)67.76

TEAM Score
1Team Mystique (FIN)181.86
2Musketeers (FIN)179.88
3Team Fintastic (FIN)179.44

TEAM Score
1Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)215.46
2Team Unique (FIN)212.47
3Marigold IceUnity (FIN)192.89