USA: Kicking off at Kalamazoo Kickoff


Western Michigan competing their "Witch" themed program (Credits: Mid-West Synchro Photos 2019) 

This weekend kicked off on Saturday in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Teams came out to show off their hard work and as shown by the results this season is going to be a good one.

Adrian College competed first in the Senior Short. They came and beat their seasons best score from Mentor and California Cup to their sassy program.

Juvenile took the ice after senior and this division is so fun and interesting to watch. This division continuously impresses many spectators as it is our future of the sport. Teams Elite “cracked” into first place with their “Nutcracker” themed program(40.51). Crystallettes took Silver and earned a score of 35.66. Starlights took Bronze with a score of 34.88. And Wisconsin Inspire took pewter with a score of 30.60. 

Collegiate competed after Juvenile, Adrian took us on a carpet ride into first, with a season’s best and score of 84.83. University of Michigan rocked into second with a score of 79.79. Western Michigan University casted a spell into third with a score of 70.42. And Liberty skated beautifully into fourth with a score of 45.94. 
Senior long took the ice and Adrian skated beautifully to their “Four Seasons” program, they earned the gold and another season’s best. 
The Novice division has been growing in strength every year and as the seasons progress has been proving to be stronger and similar to the junior division in terms of strength, power, and overall components. Starlights took the lead with their beautiful and entertaining “Titanic” themed program (78.48). Teams Elite rolled down the river into second with a score of 74.28). Crystallettes earned bronze (69.72), and St. Louis Synergy was "our guest" and took pewter (56.85).

Intermediate skated after and gold was earned by Teams Elite (57.87), Starlights took home silver (45.62), Dazzlers earned bronze (43.69), and pewter was grabbed by Kalamazoo Kinetic (43.24). A very close and competitive division.

In the other divisions...
Adrian College skated a solid program and earned the gold in Open Collegiate.

Arctic Edge Unity won the Pre-Juvenile division (Group B), Teams Elite got the gold in the Group A.

Chicago Radiance came first in Open Juvenile (Group A).

Team Elite took the gold medal in Preliminary.

Starlights finished first in Open Juvenile

Allegro! claimed the gold in the Open Masters division and also won the Masters and the Adult events. The Lakers picked up the gold in Open Adult.

Results - TOP 3

Kalamazoo Kick Off Classic 2019
Kalamazoo (USA)
NOV 22, 2019 - NOV 24, 2019

TEAM Score
1Teams Elite (USA)57.87
2Starlights (USA)45.62
3Dazzlers (USA)43.69

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Starlights (USA)78.48
2Teams Elite (USA)74.28
3Crystallettes (USA)69.72

TEAM Score
1Adrian College Varsity (USA)84.83
2University of Michigan SST (USA)79.79
3Western Michigan University (USA)70.42