Boston Classic, this synchronized skating major event


Lexettes won the Boston Classic in the Junior division. (Credits: Hayden Synchro - 2019)

Hosted by the skating club of Boston and Team Excel, the 2019 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic took place this weekend in Marlborough, MA. The event gathered teams from Canada and the U.S.A.

Seven Juniors and one Senior team
In the Senior division, the Haydenettes were the only team to skate. The U.S. champions exhibited their short program to Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me" and performed on Saturday their energetic free program "80's concert!" 

Representing the Hayden Recreation Centre, the Lexettes claimed the gold medal in the Junior category scoring a total of 153.19. 

Northernettes from Bloomington earned the silver title (131.77) and the Canadian team Gold Ice took the bronze (123.28). 

Les Pirouettes from Laval (CAN) skated to a narrow lead over the local Team Excel. Those two teams finished respectively fourth and fifth after the free skate. Synchroettes came sixth.

Ice Mates won the Intermediate event
Twelve teams competed in the Intermediate competition. Ice Mates delivered a solid performance to earn its first gold medal of the season (58.28). This team already won Boston Classic last year! 

Skyliners from New York picked up the silver medal (51.85) and DC EDGE from Washington FSC stood in third place (49.19).

The scores were quite tights in this competition, especially between the 7th to the 11th team. All scores' details could be found at the end of this article.

Four Collegiate teams
Skating on their own rink, Team Excel won the Collegiate competition with a total of 58.91. 

Liberty University Flames got the silver medal (51.04) and the bronze went to Boston University (42.39). Representing Thomas Creek FSC, Mirror Image Collegiate came fourth (39.59).

Skyliners and Star Mates dominated the Novice division
The Novice category was composed this year of nine participating teams.

The New Yorkers Skyliners Black looked solid in their free program and won the gold (65.44).

Star Mates put out a great performance and ranked second (62.67). After winning the Fall Classic last weekend in California, the second Skyliners team, Skyliners Blue, won the bronze scoring a total of 61.47.

Only a few tenths of points separated Team Image and Northernettes, finishing 4th and 5th. 

In the other divisions...
Esprit de Corps won the Masters division (37.27).

Team Excel scored 52.49 and won the Adults event. Esprit de Corps, Team Image and Gotham City Synchro completed the rankings.

In the Open Masters category, the gold went to Philadelphia Symmetry.

Boston College Eagles won the Open Collegiate division.

With a total of 42.51, Skyliners picked up the gold in Juvenile division. 

Team Munchkins from Warwick FSC finished first in Pre-Juvenile Group A (seven participating teams). In Group B, Skyliners got the gold title.

Icing on the Cape arrived first in Open Juvenile. 

In Preliminary, ten teams competed and Skyliners took the gold medal.

Results - TOP 3

Boston Synchronized Skating Classic 2019
Marlborough (USA)
NOV 15, 2019 - NOV 16, 2019

TEAM Score
1Lexettes (USA)153.19
2Northernettes (USA)131.77
3Gold Ice (CAN)123.28

TEAM Score
1Team Excel (USA)58.91
2 Liberty University Flames (USA)52.04
3Boston University (USA)42.39

TEAM Score
1Ice Mates (USA)58.28
2Skyliners (USA)51.85
3DC Edge (USA)49.19

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Skyliners Black (USA)65.44
2Star Mates (USA)62.67
3Skyliners Blue (USA)61.47