A new team from South Korea will compete internationally


Team Ice Tigers is a Junior team from South Korea. (Credits: Park Kye Hyouk - 2019)

Created in April, Team Ice Tigers is a new synchronized skating team composed of 18 skaters. They come from Gyeonggido, Incheon, South Korea.

On the ice between 4 to 6 hours per week
As you may know, tiger is the animal that represents Korea. 

The name "Team Ice Tigers" chosen by the head coach Yeaji Shin comes from there.

Training 4 to 6 hours per week in the Incheon area, Team Ice Tigers is a new Junior team that will start soon its competitive season.

This year, the team is skating to a piece of traditional Indian music "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire for the Short Program and to the song "Victory" by Two Steps from Hell in the Free Program.

A "new motivation" for the athletes
"We have good and young talented skaters trying to fight to win at competitions and some others who used to be as well as good and had the capacities to win and achieve for their dreams, but not likely they had some pains to recover from injuries, with some other obstacles they have face to. But it was too unfortunate for skaters to quit skating at a young age, so I decided to get all my students to gather and make a team to have a new motivation and try to remind them how much they love skating. Our goal is to enjoy our team and learn to unite," said the head coach Yeaji Shin who is assisted by a second coach Ye-Eun Kim.

Synchronized skating is not yet a well-known discipline in South Korea. (Credits: Park Kye Hyouk - 2019)

"We learned a lot those past few months"
Skaters from Team Ice Tigers used to be single skaters. "We learned a lot those past few months. Synchronized skating is about to work in a group and there were no words using as "individuals". I have seen the difference as a coach: our girls cared for each other and didn't leave anyone behind even though they had their own skills and drills to adapt on," continued Yeaji Shin.

The head coach wants to thank her students who believed in her. "We know there will be some more troubles and experiences for us in this new world, but it is also exciting to step like the first baby steps," concluded Yeaji Shin.

Team Ice Tigers (KOR) is planning to compete at the Spring Cup 2020 in Italy. Don't miss them!