Les Suprêmes (CAN) announce their themes for this competition season


A few hours before skating at their first competition of the season in California, Les Suprêmes Senior from Canada reveal the themes of their new programs exclusively on Jura Synchro.

A love story for the short program
For their short program, Les Suprêmes Senior will skate to the Paloma Faith's song "Never tear us apart". "Beyond a simple love story, we want to show in this program the passionate and determined side of a relationship that is never easy and sometimes we have to face obstacles. We'll feel pain, vulnerability and desperation about events. We'll need to rebuild ourselves to move forward, and time is the best medicine. What we can do is persevere and fight for what we want to. The motto for this program is: Never give up to come back stronger," said the team's captains to Jura Synchro.

A free program "Unsustainable"
"Our long program is a crucial message for the environment: time, life, science, economy... the world is going fast and resources are running out." There are more and more natural disasters and the future of our planet is at stake. Global warming is a big problem now and one way or another, it will have a big impact on how we live in the years to come. We're losing control and there is an urgent need to find solutions. This becomes unsustainable. The (our) society is becoming more and more aware of the current drama. The message is simple: it is together that we will succeed", continued Laurie Désilets.

"We have a very special team chemistry this year"
With only 4 new skaters this year, Les Suprêmes Senior were able to count on a solid base to get back to the season. "Two skaters were in our Junior team last year and the other two were in our Open team, even though one of them was in the Senior team in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons", the Quebecers commented.

The team led by Marilyn Langlois and Pascal Denis seems ready to start this season of competitions. "We have a very special team chemistry this year, especially since we all come from the same club, and this has certainly been an advantage for us as our adaptation period has been very short. We have a tight connection with each other. We can easily help each other."

What are the goals for this first Challenger Series?
"Our goals are primarily related to specific elements of our two programs, and as this is the first competition, we have to introduce our short and long program. We certainly want to share the love we have for our programs to the public. We want to create a real moment and bring emotions to all those who watch us perform this weekend," said the team.

Les Suprêmes Senior will skate at the Winterfest competition in Ontario (which will also be the World Junior qualification for the World Championships). The Canadian team will also compete at the French Cup in early February and at the Canadian Championships in Calgary.