Which teams at which event? What we already know about this season


Ice Infinity (FIN) competes in the Junior division. (Credits: Sebastien Muller - 2019)

In mid-October, we finally get into the topic. The synchro competitions gradually begin and will be then very intensive during the whole winter. Several top teams will also cross oceans to compete.

Organized in exactly two months, the Lumière Cup will be one of the first competitions. The event, which will take place in Eindhoven (NED), will be very popular this season. Ten ISU Senior Teams, 13 ISU Junior Teams, and seven Advanced Novice Teams have already been announced.

World Champions Marigold IceUnity (FIN), British champions Icicles, Canada's team Les Suprêmes and the talented Finns Dream Edges are among the favorites in this exciting competition.

Lumière Cup: participating teams

The first step of the Challenger Series will be held in California
The California Cup is another highly anticipated event this season. Canadian champions Nova Senior and Finland's Lumineers will travel to take part in this first stage of the new Challenger Series. U.S. Figure Skating communicated the names of four American teams for this competition: the Haydenettes, the Skyliners (Senior and Junior), as well as the Junior team Starlights.

The same weekend, dozens of teams will participate in the Synchronized Fall Classic, an important competition that will also take place in Irvine, California.

Beautiful moments of synchro are expected in early 2020, for example, with the Finnish team Lumineers. (Credits: SJ Photos - 2019)

Big events planned for 2020
In early 2020, two major events are expected.

The Hevelius Cup will be held mid-January in Gdansk, Poland. For its fourth edition, the organization announced the coming of the top three teams from Finland (Team Unique, Helsinki Rockettes and Marigold IceUnity), as well as teams from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Russia.

Considered as the second stage of the Challenger Series (the Asia Trophy has indeed been cancelled due to the situation in Hong Kong), the Leon Lurje Trophy (SWE) at the end of January will also be a competition not to be missed. Team Unique has already announced its participation.

Little information has yet been provided on the participants in the final stages of the Challenger Series. While Marigold IceUnity and Team Unique are expected to shine in Italy at the Spring Cup,  World Champions 2019, Team Paradise (RUS) announced on social media that they will be in Rouen for the French Cup in early February. Les Suprêmes Senior and Junior will be also heading to France this Spring.

Synchro fans can now cheer about the upcoming months!