New Zealand National Championships Come to a Close


Black Ice (1st) and Kia Kaha (2nd) from Mixed Age

Six teams across four divisions competed for the National Titles. The competition took place this weekend in Gore, in the South of New Zealand.

This past weekend saw the exciting competition that was the 2019 New Zealand National Championships. Synchronized ice skating had six teams spanning across four divisions.  

The highly competitive Basic Novice grade took to the ice first, with both teams from Auckland. Platinum skated in first position, their rainbow and gold dresses were paired with high energy music from Shakira. They, unfortunately, had one fall but totalled 23.08. Coaches Tracy Hipkiss and Bess Cao said, “Despite all the nerves and having a fall they still managed to achieve their goals.”

The Ice Angels followed with a girl power program, and camouflage dresses. They had an empowering clean skate. Coaches Charlotte Van Uden and Preeya Laud said the girls “Should be incredibly proud of their performance and achievements after a tricky season. They stepped up and performed beautifully.” Their final score was 22.10.

Basic Novice teams - The Ice Angels and Platinum

The Adult division skated second. The only team competing was Momentum from Auckland. The team of 10 ladies, skated a powerful program to an Imagine Dragons compilation. A total score of 25.73, earning them the national title.

Adult National Champions - Momentum. (Credits: Momentum - 2019)

The Mixed Age division has been the most competitive for the last 4 years. The reigning national champions from Auckland, Black Ice took the stage first with a Gatsby themed program. The squad wowed with their high energy and sass. They earnt a total of 47.85 points. Coaches Charlotte Van Uden and Preeya Laud said, “We are proud of the energetic and exciting performance the team put out, whilst achieving their goals and gaining international qualification.” Kia Kaha from Christchurch took to the ice with their dramatic Divergent program second, opening with an impressive death spiral. The team earned a total score of 44.11, putting them in second place.

Advanced Novice was the final division to take the ice. The only team in the grade Titanium, skated an upbeat Grease rendition. Their pink and black costumes fit perfectly with their pink ladies’ supporters in the audience. They earnt a total score of 40.23. Coach Tracy Hipkiss said, “I’m so proud of them even though their skate wasn’t their best they still managed to qualify for development, Australian and international selection.”

Advanced Novice Winners Titanium. (Credits: Allegro Junior - 2019)

The NZ synchro season nears it's end...
For some, the kiwi’s synchro season comes to an end as it nears summer, when the ISU season has barely begun. But for a few teams, there is no rest as they go straight back into training for the Australian National Figure Skating Championships from the 30th of November to the 6th of December.

Results - TOP 3

New Zealand National Championships 2019
Gore (NZL)
OCT 05, 2019 - OCT 05, 2019

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Black Ice (NZL)47.85
2Kia Kaha (NZL)44.11

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Titanium (NZL)40.23

TEAM Score
1Momentum (NZL)25.73

Novice B
TEAM Score
1Platinum (NZL)23.08
2Ice Angels (NZL)22.10