Marigold IceUnity unveils its new Short Program in video


Only a few days before the launch of international competitions. Synchro skating competitions undoubtedly means new programs to discover. Today, the World Vice-Champions 2019 reveals on Jura Synchro an exclusive video!

To reveal their new Short Program, Marigold IceUnity skaters asked the fans to resolve this riddle...

Did you find the solution? 
"Getting through this challenge requires problem-solving ability, cleverness, quickness, and teamwork," says Marigold IceUnity's captain Camilla Sundgren.

Jura Synchro has for you a second clue: an exclusive sneak peek video! Watch it below! 

So did you guess the theme now?

Marigold IceUnity will present this new Short Program in less than two weeks at Finlandia Trophy.