Synchronized Skating enters into the Guinness World Records


Winning the gold medal in April 2018 in Stockholm, the team Marigold IceUnity made step by step their way to the record. (Credits: Navaz Sumar - 2018).

The 2020 edition of the famous Guinness World Records will feature Marigold IceUnity. The team from Finland enters in the book for its many successes at the Synchronized Skating World Championships throughout the last years. With this nomination, MIU makes history.

"I don’t know how we got there since none of us has made any application for this," wrote Marigold IceUnity’s head coach Anu Oksanen on Facebook today. 

A clarification must be made

Marigold IceUnity is described in the pages of the book as the most successful synchronized skating team. The book mentions also that MIU is sharing the record with the former Team Surprise from Sweden. "This shared record is already an old fact and based on Worlds results until 2018. After Helsinki Worlds this spring, MIU now holds the most World medals record in our sport alone," adds Anu Oksanen. 

With a total of 5 gold medals at the World Championships, 6 silver medals, and 2 bronze, MIU is now alone at the top of World statistics!

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