Push your limits with Tiina Pesonen


Body control and coordination are necessary for synchro skaters to safely execute elements on the ice. The fitness coach Tiina Pesonen encourages you to master the basics, which are the foundation for learning harder skills and develop a better posture.

This is the last episode of this summer video series. What did you prepare this time?
Tiina Pesonen:
Movements which develop your body control and muscle endurance. I also propose in this video a basic rope jump workout to improve your coordination.

Why is this training important for synchro skaters?
These exercises are good for practicing the control of the lifts and also the Move elements. Those movements will also develop your deep muscle strength and balance skills. In the second part, the foot-hand coordination, we're looking for the ankle strength and durational strength in the upper body. The rope jumping is also a good way to warm up before a workout on the ice or off-ice.

A lot of skaters are working hard to have a good posture on the ice...
Yes, that's why! Our sport is really demanding. Our athletes must have good coordination because the skater has to make lots of different kind of movements at the same time. Good coordination helps us also with the step sequences, body movements, rotations, and choreographic interpretation. Skaters also need a perfect body control for the balance, to keep the postures in the lifts and for all the moves in synchronized skating. 

Do you like the video above? Have you seen the other fitness episodes? Take out your sneakers and your water bottle, and start Tiina Pesonen's fitness challenges! Tiina Pesonen is coaching in Finland many synchro teams as Marigold IceUnity, the Musketeers, and also Starlights.

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