Flexibility: Perfect your technique!


The famous physical coach Tiina Pesonen (FIN) teaches her training techniques so you can improve your flexibility at home or at the gym, alone or with your teammates.

Why did you prepare for us a workout about flexibility?
Tiina Pesonen: Well, at the beginning of the season, the training concentrates on strength, endurance training, and flexibility. In this 4th episode, I prepared a basic workout for developing flexibility. I also propose a couple of exercises on the floor and with pair.

What can we work with those flexibility exercises?
All our moves and flexibility qualities. At the same time, we are developing our balance as well.

Why is this training important for synchro skaters? 
Like we all know, Move Element requirements are each season more and more demanding for synchro skaters. All skaters should have now good qualities in flexibility, so the team can reach the required levels. In flexibility training, this is important that skaters can keep the postures with their own strength. That´s why those exercises contain a combination of all these three: flexibility, balance, and strength.

In this episode, a few skaters of the Novice team Starlights are helping their coach Tiina Pesonen to show the exercises. Thanks to those young athletes for their precious collaboration! 

This video is the fourth episode of our summer video series called "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen". Discover the other workouts by watching the videos below and leave your comment on Jura Synchro social networks!