"We’ve decided to practice like champions"


Les Suprêmes Seniors, the new Canadian champions! The team is back atop the podium after nine years. Already ahead after the short on Saturday, Les Suprêmes from St-Léonard - Montréal - earned a total of 217,42 points after their performance on Sunday in Waterloo.

After this victory, we receive today one of the coaches, Marilyn Langlois. Interview.

Jura Synchro: Les Suprêmes Seniors are the new Canadian champions, as the coach of this team, how do you feel?

Marilyn Langlois: The other coaches and I are feeling really proud because we accomplished our goal. We’re extremely proud to lead our girls to perform at the right moment and win this Canadian title.

JS: How did you live these last weeks of preparation?

ML: When we came back from Europe (after French Cup and Neuchâtel Trophy), we developed our strategy with the girls. The training sessions were intense. Each skater was fully devoted to them, even if they were tired, or if they had schoolwork to achieve. We’ve decided to practice like champions. Therefore, we improved our technical elements but also our program component score.

Amélie Brochu, Pascal Denis et Marilyn Langlois are the coaches of Les Suprêmes Juniors and Seniors. / Credits: Marilyn Langlois

JS: Could you tell us in what state of mind were your skaters this weekend?

ML: They were calm and confident. They controlled the situation. They knew that they were well-trained, they were ready!

JS: After this result, how do you consider the next World Championships in Budapest with this team?

ML: Our mission stays the same. Our girl will continue to work hard to improve the two programs. Our goal is to offer two unforgettable memories and provide a special experience to the public and to the other teams.

« They knew that they were well-trained, they were ready! » /Credits: Skate Canada, Danielle Earl Photography

JS: Les Suprêmes did also great results in the other categories this weekend. How do you explain these successes?

ML: Our club has a long experience in synchronized skating. We’re fortunate to have a good foundation. Our elementary and juvenile teams contribute to the success of the novice, junior, and senior teams. Les Suprêmes is a big family with great coaches who’re sharing the same idea about this sport, each in its own way. Our passion for synchro skating, the respect and the love of our skaters are helping us to accomplish some incredible things.

NEXXICE from Burlington, who is the 2015 World Champion, received this weekend the silver medal (212,59 points). Central Ontario’s Meraki earned bronze (171,23 points).

With such a high level, the synchro world can easily wait for an incredible competition in Budapest. The two first teams, Les Suprêmes and NEXXICE, have been selected to represent Canada at the next World Championships 2016!

2016 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships in Waterloo - All results