Acrobatics and lifts tools to take you to the next level!


Four skaters from the Junior team Musketeers demonstrate synchro lifts and acrobatics.

Get ready for the new synchro skating season with Jura Synchro. Discover how the famous Finnish coach Tiina Pesonen trains synchro skaters off-ice during the summer and learn to practice like the best synchro teams.

"I've prepared for you some basic acrobatics and movements that you can practice alone and with your teammates. I also give you some tricks, so you can learn how to get a good position in the basic lifts," explains Tiina Pesonen.

This coach from Finland has a Bachelor in sport studies. She also works during the summer with the famous team Musketeers and the 2018 World Champions, Marigold IceUnity.

 Ideas for your new programs
"It´s important to practice the right lifts techniques off the ice before doing it on the ice. Those acrobatics ideas and lifts get more content to your choreography and your programs. Tricks and lifts are a lot about timing, sufficient muscle strength, and good technique," adds Tiina Pesonen.

"If you have some injuries, leave all the risky movements away. Lifts practicing could be started about the age of 15. If you start it earlier, it should be under the supervision of adults." 

This video is the third episode of our summer video series called "Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen". Discover the other workouts by watching the videos below!