Jura Synchro Awards: "Synchro on the beach"


We are back this weekend with a new awards ceremony. Each week, Jura Synchro offers you a selection of the best synchronized skating posts published in recent days. So, is your team nominated this time?

This ceremony begins with Team Skadi from Bydgoszcz in Poland. This team wins the award of the week in the category "Let's Dance"!

We stay in Poland with this Mixed Age team. Ice Shadows offers us a beautiful shot on the beach. While waiting for winter to return, these skaters are nominated for their amazing "Family Portrait".

For the Junior Team Excel, their choreography camp has come to end. These skaters from the USA are rewarded for their clothes full of "Colors".

At this moment of the year, synchro teams are doing their athletes presentations. Team Musketeers from Finland, for example, have introduced their 27 Junior skaters for the 2019-2020 season. They are nominated in the category "Nice To Meet You"!

Finally, Sweden's Team Comeback has also returned to the ice rink to practise. Let's start the "New Season"!

And for those who could not wait for the start of the new synchro season, note that there are only two months left before the first international competitions!

Take advantage of this summer period to post your photos and videos with the hashtag #JuraSynchroAwards!

Jura Synchro team wishes you a great weekend!