Women and synchro skating: (re)discover their stories


This summer, you want to remind yourself of the women who made their mark during the synchronized skating season. Here are the 5 most read "Women of the Week" interviews published last season.

The touching interview with Kaisa Arrateig (FIN)
Coach of the Helsinki Rockettes in Finland, Kaisa Arrateig has been one of the most followed women this season in our section Women of the Week. In her interview, Kaisa invited us into her universe. She talked about her life, her children and, of course, her synchro teams. She also knows the recipe for success because Helsinki Rockettes won the bronze medal at the last World Championships last April.

The future seems assured with Ulla Heliö (FIN)
Another Finnish woman has fascinated Jura Synchro readers this season. Ulla Heliö (27 years old) was skating in Team Unique in Finland when we interviewed her. She was part of the team for 11 seasons. In her video interview, she explained her passion for synchro, her best memories, and her future projects.

Sarah Lewis (GBR), psychotherapist and athlete
"Synchronised skating has completely shaped me into the person I am today," stated Sarah Lewis a few months ago. Skating for Great Britain, this athlete who is pursuing a master in psychotherapy gave the readers her vision of synchro: "Follow your heart and never give up". Rediscover her interview!

Synchro from the United States to Canada… with Elizabeth Morin (CAN)
At the age of 21, Elizabeth Morin is skating in Team Nova from Canada. She discovered synchronized skating in the United States. When she came back to Quebec and participated in different auditions, before finally chosing Nova. This season, she introduced us to her team, spoke about her own rituals before the competition, and came back to the development of the sport in Canada.

Sarah and Sharon, two athletes in the Haydenettes (USA)
"Synchro has given me the thickest skin, best discipline, and mental toughness," said Sharon. Sarah, however, chose perseverance and work ethic. Those two "Women of the Week" are both skating in Boston, Massachusetts. In their interview, they told us in detail why they chose to live for synchronized skating.

There have been many more "Women of the Week" interviews this year. Discover them here!
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