Jura Synchro

Jura Synchro Awards: They are back!


The Jura Synchro awards ceremony is back this week and today we'll name again the top five synchro posts posted in recent days. Let's go for a synchro world tour of social networks!

We start with Team CrystalIllusion from Finland who has already fully embarked on its new programs! Skaters are nominated this week in the "New Season" category.

We're still on the Finnish ice with the Fresh Diamonds who are also in training camp! The team wins an award in the category "Back in Business".

Summer is also a good time of the first revelations... Icing on the Cape, a team from the United States, has for example unveiled this week its "Music" to their fans on Instagram!

In Great Britain, the Gosport Allstars teams take some "Time Off" before the new season. During their last ice session, they were able to work on some changes in their programs.

We conclude this ceremony with the "#FriendshipDay" celebrated by several synchro teams around the world, such as Team Tatarstan in Russia.

Thank you for following this awards ceremony.
Next week, just use the #JuraSynchroAwards in your posts and cross your fingers to be selected!

We wish a good weekend to everyone, on the ice... or on holidays!