A new synchro competition is born


Synchronized skating teams are invited to Ghent, a city located 55 km (~ 34 miles) north of the city of Brussels.

The Ice Crystal Trophy is a new International Interclub Competition for Synchronized Skating. The event will take place for the first time in April 2020 in Belgium. Here is everything you need to know!

Kathy Van den Hende is the general coordinator and organizer of the event. She helps us to better know this new synchro event.

Where will the competition be held? In Ghent!
"Our club GSK, Gentse Schaatsclub Kristallijn, is the biggest figure skating club in Belgium, and the synchronized skaters represent a big group amongst its members."

Four synchro teams train in this arena!?
"The synchronized skating teams of GSK, all trained by our coach Mireille Mostaert are: The Ice Cubes (Basic Novice), Ice Fever (Junior B), Crystallice (Mixed Age) and Iceclusif (Adult). The teams are participating each year in different international interclub competitions."

Why a competition? For the love of synchro!
"When we are traveling around to participate in international interclub competitions, we always feel very welcome there, and out of our passion and heart for synchronized skating. Now we would like to welcome teams to our ice rink Kristallijn and so also help to promote the sport."

The four synchro teams from Ghent (BEL).

It will be the very first synchro competition in Ghent!
"After many years of participating in nice competitions in Belgium and other countries, we see it as a real challenge to organize an international synchronized skating competition in our own club. We would like to welcome teams from all over Europe to our ice rink and our beautiful city of Ghent. We hope that our newly added competition may contribute to the further development of this beautiful sport."

The competition will take place at the very end of the season!
"We did not have a lot of choices if we wanted to organize an international competition and occupy the ice rink for a complete day. Our Ice Rink is hosting 4 other clubs and is also a public ice rink. That's why it is very difficult to get ice for a competition during the high season. But even at the end of the season, we hope that many teams will take the opportunity to close their season with our new competition. We will do our utmost best to make it a very nice event for them!"

The Ice Crystal Trophy will be held at the Kristallijn ice rink in Ghent.

Which categories? All the Interclubs!
"The Ice Crystal Trophy will include the following categories: Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Basic Novice, Junior B, Mixed Age, Adult, and Senior B."

For spectators and synchro fans, what can they visit in Ghent?
"Ghent is an authentic historic city which combines historic charm and contemporary excitement. A must to visit are the historical city Centre and the Graslei and Korenlei, which is the place where beautiful façades are reflected in the river Lys and where the houses by the water live and breathe history. Other attractions amongst many others in Ghent are The Castle of the Counts, St Bavo's Cathedral, Ghent Belfry, and a boat trip on Ghent's inland waterways is also an option. In the evening, Ghent is also very attractive with its magical evening lighting, with plenty of restaurants, artisan coffee houses, and cafés. Moreover, the city Centre of Ghent is not so far away from the ice rink."

And the competition is on Facebook!
"Of course, we invite everyone to like our page 'Ice Crystal Trophy' on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and information!"

Discover the exact dates and get a map of the competition!