"Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen": Try the second workout!


This summer, Jura Synchro thinks about your health and physical condition. Discover in this episode a challenging full-body workout specially designed by the Finnish fitness expert Tiina Pesonen for synchronized skaters.

Tiina Pesonen is a former synchro skater from Finland (5 years skating with Marigold IceUnity). She’s now coaching the Juvenile team Sunlights and she’s working as an assistant coach for the Starlights Novice team. She is also the fitness coach of the Junior team Musketeers and Marigold IceUnity, the multiple Senior World Champions.

So, Tiina what did you prepare in this second episode?
Tiina Pesonen: This time, we have one circuit training which develops your endurance and your strength qualities. This one is for specific body parts and we
are focusing on one part at the time. All strength trainings are bodyweight workouts which you can do everywhere.

What do we work with these exercises?
All the supporting muscles what you need on the ice as a synchro skater.

Prepare your water bottle, your sneakers, and train now with Tiina Pesonen with the video below!