"Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen": The first video is out, take the challenge!


The first episode of the new off-ice video series is available on Jura Synchro.

Graduated as a bachelor of sport studies and now studying sports management in upper university of applied sciences, Tiina Pesonen is synchronized skating and fitness coach for synchro skaters in Finland. Find out her first off-ice workout in a brand new video!

The very first episode was released today on YouTube and offers a complete strength circuit training.

What do you propose in this video?
Tiina Pesonen: In this first episode, you’ll find a circuit training which develops your endurance and your strength qualities. This workout develops all supporting muscles that you need on the ice.

Why is this workout specific for synchro skaters?
In synchro skating, you have to have good strength for keeping the good posture on the ice. Also, a skater needs a lot of strength for a good basic skating for producing the speed. Synchro skaters also need to be able to keep control while doing lifts for example.

More generally, what should the skaters focus on during the summer?
For synchro skater, versatility is important and something which you have to pay attention to. Maybe the best combination comes from dance, choreography and of course fitness training. The most important thing is that fitness training supports training and skills on the ice. During the competition season, fitness is more recovering. At the beginning of the season, the training concentrates on strength, endurance training and flexibility.

What are you going to propose this summer in Jura Synchro's videos?
This summer there will be different kind of workouts for flexibility, body control training, acrobatics, coordination and strength training.

This summer, Jura Synchro offers specialized fitness videos for synchronized skating.

Are these off-ice workouts open to everyone, even not skaters?
?It's important that you know all the basic techniques before starting these workouts. You can also make easier movements if you want, for example you can leave the jumps away. But of course, everyone can apply these exercises by watching the videos on YouTube.

What should the participants watch out for?
Pay attention to the right techniques and body control. Always remember to warm up properly before practice. Try to activate the body parts which you are working for.
How many times a week can these exercises be done?
It depends on your goals ;) But I would say three to five times per week. And don't forget endurance training as well.

Can you already tell us the theme of the next video?
In the second episode, we will continue to work the strength with a workout for specific body parts. We’ll focus on one part at the time. All trainings are bodyweight workouts so you can do them everywhere.

Find below the first workout!

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