2019 Worlds in Helsinki: "A success" according to the organization


According to the Finnish Figure Skating Association, foreign viewers came mostly from Russia, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. /Credits: Sebastien Muller - Jura Synchro

The 2019 World Synchronized Skating Championships organized on April in Helsinki, Finland, succeeded with the highest honors. The Finnish Figure Skating Association have conveyed their satisfaction today in a press release.

"The two-day event tickets were sold in an hour," writes the Finnish Figure Skating Association. In total, the event sold 14,000 seats, and 7,000 All Event tickets.

12% of spectators in the arena came from abroad. "Most foreign viewers came from Russia, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands," adds the organization.

Laura Raitio, Chair of the Finnish Figure Skating Association is delighted with the success of the event. "The atmosphere was amazing. The audience encouraged the performance of all teams and I believe that many teams have not experienced this kind of event before. Thank you very much to everyone involved, both the competitors, the volunteers, the public and the supporters of the event."

Up to 97% of all visitors were satisfied

"This is the kind of events we want in Helsinki. The role of volunteers in the success of events is absolutely crucial," says Nasima Razmyar, Deputy Mayor of Culture and Leisure in Helsinki.

According to a survey of "Sponsor Insight Finland Oy", up to 97% of all visitors were satisfied with the event. 81% of foreign viewers liked the atmosphere of the event.

The financial result of the event was approximately EUR 600,000. In addition, successes were also achieved on the athletic side because the Finnish teams won the silver and bronze medals.

Next year, the 2020 Senior World Championships will take place in Lake Placid, USA. The organizers of this major event may already feel the pressure rising.

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2019
Helsinki (FIN)
APR 12, 2019 - APR 13, 2019

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)234.38
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)228.70
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)228.61